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Gym clothes for tall people?

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  • Gym clothes for tall people?

    Hi guys, long time reader of dappered and new to the forums.

    I'm 6'2 around 185lb and have struggled to find workout gear that fits properly. Any exercise that requires raising my arms (pull-ups, shoulder press etc) raised my t-shirt and shows some skin. Not very stylish!

    Does anyone else have this problem? Are there any brands that offer a 'tall' size the way j-crew does with its basics?

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    Originally posted by Bonnet1 View Post
    Are there any brands that offer a 'tall' size the way j-crew does with its basics?
    Old Navy does. I have a few of their "performance tees" and have no complaints.


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      Yep, Old Navy. Talls only available online, but I buy a lot of them. If you want some great, slim sweatpants, the JCrew Factory Tall Slims are awesome. Also only available online.


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        Are you looking for Technical fabrics or are you okay with cotton T-Shirts? If you're fine with cotton, why not just buy J-crew t-shirts on sale if those fit you well? If i want technical fabrics I usually go with Patagonia, their stuff tends to have plenty of length in the arms and body. I am 6'7'' but maybe shouldn't be responding here, the gym is one of the very few places where i really could not care less how stylish i look...typically I just wear an old t-shirt a size too big so my range of motion is not restricted.


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          OP, I am almost identical to you in terms of height and weight. I'll second [MENTION=15504]Me27[/MENTION] on the Patagonia suggestion, and add that Salomon's athletic wear has been doing very well for me lately in terms of fit.

          I know my username is dumb; blame 12 year old me.


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            Great suggestions thanks! It looks like old navy is the way to go for basic performance tees and Patagonia for some fancier stuff.

            I have a Better Sweater jacket - one of the few 'Medium' jackets that comfortably fits my arm length.

            Also - wouldn't normally care about gym appearance but my wife sometimes goes with me and I have to keep her interested 😀


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              I'm about 2 inches taller and 20lbs heavier (with a disproportionately long upper body) and I just wear plain old DriFit/tech stuff from UA, Nike, etc.
              When you're doing something where you're fully stretched out (i.e. pull-ups), it's almost impossible to have a shirt that completely covers you unless it comes down to your knees when you're standing normally. But guess what? It's a gym. People walk around in way less and show a lot more than just "some skin". It's a place to work hard and sweat... style doesn't matter like [MENTION=15504]Me27[/MENTION] said.

              Use it as motivation to workout harder so when you inevitably 'show some skin', it's something people wouldn't mind looking at. (not saying you're fat or anything)


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                I usually have problem with finding workout cloth for me, but essence tie Back Tank from Athleta fits really well and is comfy. So, I wear it and I pick up my organic daily protein and I am ready to rock the gym.


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                  Not tall but I wear a compression tank top under my gym performance shirts. I also either wear 3/4 tights or conpression boxers as well to avoid the showing too much concern.