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    J. Crew Factory shirts sizing

    I'm looking at picking up a bunch of J. Crew Factory button down shirts with the current 30% off code but not sure about sizing, and I don't have a Factory store nearby to try them on (or return them if they don't fit well). Anybody have any thoughts? A small in shirts from Gap/LEC/Bonobos fits okay, but I could go slightly slimmer without a problem (I have some XS shirts from the Gap that reach this point). I've read various things about J. Crew fit, but they seem to lean towards sizing down.


    I've only got one J.Crew Factory shirt, and it fits a bit slimmer than LEC shirts. Not form-fitting, H&M slim, but a pretty good fit for me, anyway.




      They run pretty big, even the "tailored" versions.

      The slim fit shirts fit me well (basically Joe's measurements), but patterns are limited.



        They're smaller then Target's Merona & LEC, about the same as Bonobos, and bigger than Neiman Marcus Trim Fit & JACHS



          they aren't quite as slim as you'd hope.



            First post, but I thought I would chip in with my experience:

            I purchased one not too long ago. They seem to run pretty big. I'm a large in most shirts and I was swimming in the one I bought. Collar had to have been around a 16.5/17" (I'm a 16) and the sleeves were incredibly long. Now, whether or not this is indicative of their shirts in general or, because of the Factory moniker, the sizing is not reliable from shirt to shirt I'm not sure, but I would advise against getting anything Final Sale lest you find yourself with a tent instead of a shirt.



              I've got two, and they're pretty baggy IMO. Not too bad if you tuck them in or wear something over them. But it depends on your body type. I wear small in 1mx express/gap land. I got the smalls from j crew and found them a bit big, and they're even the tailored ones.... I'm 5'8" 138lbs.



                I've found that the sleeves run long and the sides are boxy. Factory shirts are sized the same as the mainline shirts.

                Sizing down is key if you're slim.

                The mainline "slim fit" shirts are better, but then you're still stuck with obscenely long arms. Smalls come with the equivalent of 34" sleeves, and Mediums are 35".



                  I'd say that they run big (I have the slim/tailored fit ones).

                  I'm 5'9/160lbs. Usually smalls in shirt fit me very snugly, and mediums a bit baggy.

                  I bought smalls for JCrew factory shirts, and while they fit OK, they definitely are not on the snug side. Also, the sleeves seem at least 1-2" longer than most smalls.

                  Another major gripe: Crappy collars. Impossible to iron, flimsy, and small.

                  For $20 or so a shirt, I guess you can't complain, but don't expect too much. I'm actually wearing one today - maybe I'll snap a pic for you to show you what a small looks like.



                    @Chareth - Glad I'm not crazy and you noticed the longer arms also.



                      Here's a pic of me in a JCrew Factory Small (slim fit):

                      I'm 5'9, 160lbs, 37" chest, 17" shoulders. Not a bad fit overall, but I'm wearing it untucked. Notice how much the sleeves bunch up.



                        The shoulders are too big on you too.



                          @zero - When buying S/M/L shirts, you have to compromise somewhere. I think that looks fine, a little long in the sleeves, sure.



                            Per J.Crew:

                            The following measurements are for item 11009, the Factory Washed Button-down shirt in Dossier Tattersall.

                            Size x-small:

                            Chest: 39 inches

                            Waist: 36.5 inches

                            Sweep circumference: 37.5 inches

                            Armhole: 15.75 inches:

                            Center Back Sleeve Length: 33.25 inches

                            Size small:

                            Chest: 42 inches

                            Waist: 39.5 inches

                            Sweep circumference: 40.5 inches

                            Armhole: 16.5 inches

                            Center Back Sleeve Length: 34.25 inches



                              @Tony, while the shoulders might be a -tiny- bit too large, it's a perfectly wearable shirt. I have very narrow shoulders for my size, and dropping down a size never fits me because the chest gets too tight.

                              Also, the entire styleforum/style community right now insta-replies "shoulders are too big" for just about ANY fit critique. Don't get me wrong, plenty of people wear jackets a full size too big, but people have to realize that there's only so far you can go if you are a smaller guy.