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    I don't wear suits often and I don't need lots of ties and quite frankly, don't know a thing about ties (construction, fabrics, why a tie would cost $100 or more, etc.). I was shopping at Marshall's the other day and picked up this Donald Trump Signature Collection tie for $12. I did some cursory research and can tell you that I put no stock in Donald Trump's tie collection--I'm not name dropping him like it is supposed to automatically make this a quality tie

    I'm asking more about the color and pattern. A friend said that the stripes are too thick and it looks like a candy cane. I guess I was drawn by the bright purple

    Yay or nay?


    Honestly? Not a fan. :-S That's how I feel about most DT ties, though. They don't know the meaning of subtlety.

    Disclaimer: I do have a couple of loud ties, but they're for spring-time day wear.



      I've certainly seen uglier ties, but you should probably return it. Buy a thrifted tie. Put out the call for something purpley striped. Someone will find you something nice.



        Agree, not a fan, thick stripes with bright colors and lots of shine. Too loud. I'm all about subtlety with my ties - stripes should be narrow, colors should be a interesting twist to the tie/design, not the focus. Moreover, with a loud tie, you need to tone down everything else which is shackling. Just my $0.02.



          I don't see anything wrong with that tie, I wear ties most days and typically want something with personality and not really bland. You can't really go wrong with a two colored striped tie though.

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            Also, agree on tie pricing. Found marshalls/TJMaxx to be filled with these loud ties. Rec. Nordstrom rack for similar store/price for better designs, colors and widths.

            Try popping into a vintage or thrift store to find classic styles by7 good designers.



              If you are going to buy ties at Marshall's, look for ties from more reputable brands like Polo Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers. Otherwise, look for some better quality brands on ebay.



                I stopped by Nordstrom Rack later that day and was a little overwhelmed by the number of ties, the range of prices, and the variety of patterns.

                I didn't really need a tie when I bought it. Seriously I was just drawn to the brightness of the purple and thought I might want to wear it for Easter yesterday. The combination of the colors and stripes did carry with it an air of rememberability--I felt like if I wore it, people would easily remember it the next time I did.

                I think I'll get my $12 back. Thanks for the comments guys.



                  I didn't hate the tie until you said it was from Donald Trump.

                  But seriously, you can find some ties with tons of character on the internet, albeit for more money (see the knottery, hill-side, etc.) Otherwise I wouldn't go any further than a thrift store or



                    @OP: Definitely get that desire, find its better and more respected to be remembered for looking well put together top to bottom and consistently looking like you dress with purpose than for any single item. Think of the person where you would say "He just looks really good, and I can't put my finger on it" Think patterns, fit and glimpse of color vs. peacocking



                      I'd like someone to make a list of 15 starter ties. If just had a collection like that, I'd just buy them all. I can't, for the life of me, shop for ties.



                        ^joe should do a post like that....or even break it into a week long thing where he does 3-4 ties a day :-/



                          Lulz @ Jose. I feel the same way (re Trump). It's not the greatest tie but I've seen way, way worse. Not bad if it's in a rotation of 15-20 ties... maybe not one I would have if my tie collection were less than 10.




                            Donald trump ties found at Marshall's are of way better quality thaN polo faulty Lauren ties found there. These ties actually have some substance to their fold. RLP is usually junk found there.



                              I was at the local resale store today and they were selling Brioni, Armani Collezioni, Zegna ties for $25-45. Many NWT. I'd highly recommend you look around for a nice consignment/thrift store in your area, you can find some sweet ties there for pretty cheap