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First trip to NYC

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    broadway in SOHO, like on prince street

    aside from having stores like uniqlo and topman (i've become sort of obsessed with their socks of late) they also have fun stores like kidrobot which have cool non-clothes things, I'd honestly say just stroll that area and you'll find alot of good places

    Hit 6th avenue and like 15th-20th for department stores like Filene's Basement, Marshalls, and Burlington

    Honestly, you can spend an entire month exploring NYC shopping for clothes, but for cheap and an experience I'd suggest those two areas

    Century is great, BUT the one downtown is a nightmare



      I'm going to school so we're doing a few touristy things, but I think I'll probably end up spending my free night wandering SoHo and hitting up a few of the stores that catch my eye. Thanks for all the help guys.



        I'm taking this same trip in the fall - great stuff here, might get to go into a couple. What's the thrifting landscape like?



          If you're doing touristy things, try to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and hang out in the park between BK Heights and DUMBO. Awesome views and especially great in the warm weather.



            Something I wish I had done: Walk the High Line park, it should be beautiful at this time of year. In my experience, SoHo closes up relatively early at night compared to the Times Square area, but a local might have better info on this.



              yeah the high line really looks interesting. I'd rather do that than the more touristy things. I like to get the feel of a city, get a taste of what it's about, pretend I belong for a little while.



                Highline is great - even on a sunny mid-winter day!

                Another suggestion for those looking for a unique NYC experience:





                  Filene's Basement

                  Suit Supply



                    Turkish bath? Wouldn't want to run into Charlie Sheen...