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Grooming: Birchbox for men

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    Grooming: Birchbox for men

    TechCrunch's manliness article of the day:

    Why not $10? Shucks! But I agree, this market seems to be exploding.


    Interesting... BTW, haven't seen you much lately, Nick.



      The $45 test box intrigued me last year...I'm not seeing a $10 option though for men. It's telling me that the mens box is $20?

      edit - nvm. i misread what you were saying about $10...

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        Sorry for the lack of clarity and my disappearance. I'm driving a moving truck (with a sportcoat on) through Nebraska at the moment. =)



          I figured it was something along those lines. Gonna post a WIWT with your trucker uniform? I'm expecting faded jeans, timberlands/docs, a flannel shirt and a trucker hat... And I'll be disappointed with anything less.



            No! A WIWT pic with the truck and my new 514s and the tan blazer that would make Acousticfoodie proud.



              For posterity:

              Anyways, I added myself to the invite list for both the men and the women's boxes. They give you the free shipping code "bbshop" just for signing up if you want to buy something in their store outside of the trial size box subscription.

              Anyone try it?



                I bought the sample box last year and was very happy with it. I ended up switching to the shaving cream they provided, and use the headhphones almost daily. The shampoo and deodorant were also very good, but I have a dry scalp, and a particular scent, so I didn't switch to them. I ordered the men's box, it should ship next week. I'll post on here once it arrives.



                  Got my Birchbox today. It came with a bar of soap (feels pretty good, smells like oatmeal, supposed to help with dead skin and smooth elbows and feet), a shaving gel (haven't used it yet, very small sample), an exfoliator (obviously not seeing instant results but it felt good after using it), and a pair of green and orange socks ( I hate the color green so I'm biased here). Overall not a bad box for $20. I think I will give it another month or two to see the variety of products they send, nothing is jumping out screaming buy me from this box.



                    I've really enjoyed the Billy Jealousy face wash. Primer has run coupon codes on their site for it in The Motley ads ( & more specifically: You can, of course, buy it from the Birchbox store too (

                    So...the face wash. I've used other exfoliating products that have titanium beads floating around or whatever in the bottle. Once it lands on your face, though, that exfoliating action is nowhere to be found. This really does feel like a pasty sand on your face - which feels good.

                    Haven't opened the bar of soap yet. I'm a one-bar-at-a-time guy.

                    The socks are in the rotation. Nothing special. But perfectly useful. I'll keep trying it and hope that I do get some wow items soon. If these infernal companies like Birchbox and Bespoke Post keep sending me shaving products, I will be out like a light.




                      Hey there,

                      You may have noticed your June box has a sample of Kérastase Shampoo that is a bit, er, smaller than you would expect from Birchbox Man. Due to a warehouse mixup we mistakenly sent you this packet instead of the larger, trial-size sample we intended to include and Kérastase wanted you to have! This type of error is unacceptable and we will be taking immediate action to fix it. We will ship you the correct sample by June 1st.

                      We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

                      Thank you,

                      Birchbox Man


                      That's a big oops. Seems like companies like Bespoke Post are boot-strapping it, and it shows with hand-packaged, USPS flat rate boxes, etc. Birchbox is much further along and apparently more removed from the actual packaging.



                        I'm ready to quit this Birchbox Man thing. They sent a watch this time. I don't like watches!!

                        Anyways, if you want it, I'm selling it: