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Recommendations for Casual to Dress Spring/Summer shoes...

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    Recommendations for Casual to Dress Spring/Summer shoes...

    I'm kind of new here. What kind of shoes do you guys suggest to wear in the spring and summer with jeans, shorts, or chinos? I'm not really a fan of boat shoes, bucs, or loafers. I usually wear chuck taylors with jeans but I need something a little more stylish. I'm watching a pair of Clarks Desert Boots on ebay and will probably be buying some wing tips also. What options are left?


    Where do you live? I'm assuming somewhere up North since your talking jeans and desert boots.

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      So for most of my life I've felt weird about wearing shoes with shorts, and for whatever reason, always ended up wearing flip flops. I know. I knowwwww.

      In lieu of that, I've worn chucks. This year I have a pair of desert boots (Wolverine 1000 mile, got them for like $30 off MyHabit), and I think I'm going to try and rock those with shorts. I'm not sure if I'm ready for wingtips and shorts. I have seen a lot of guys rocking saddle shoes with shorts. While I'm afraid to look like I'm wearing bowling shoes, if you can pull it off without looking dorky, it's a fresh look.



        I have two go-to summer shoes.

        Navy Supergas. I think they'll look even better with more wear. I've decided I like having darker colors on my feet, so I avoid white sneakers.

        This is my answer to boat shoes: LL Bean Blucher Moc. Worth checking out. You get most of the style without the ubiquitousness of Sperrys.




          I see no issues with flip-flops and shorts, but I realize this is one area where me and the fashion world may differ Living in the south, I can't fathom wearing closed toe shoes, casually, year-round.



            chukkas with jeans or chinos.



              Hahaha... Other than all of the casual shoes one normally puts with shorts, what casual shoes should I put with shorts?



                @Deke, yeah I'm still an undergrad, so I think I definitely get a pass on flip flops too, because, well, haters gonna hate. But I'm starting to realize that there might be some other options (the discovery of loafer socks has permanently changed my worldview).

                But it can be hard finding close toed shoes to wear with shorts. It sometimes seems "unbalanced" for want of a better word.



                  How about a canvas boat shoe? Something with a bit of a sneaker-inspired design, like the Sperry Bahama? It's got a sole like a sneaker but an upper like a boat shoe, and it's made out of canvas so it should be breathable and easy to clean. You mentioned you don't like boat shoes but this might be a nice compromise since it's a little less casual than an ordinary sneaker, but doesn't look quite as preppy or "old man" as traditional boat shoes.

                  Sebago sells a similar shoe called the Seascape.