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How to wear a grey herringbone sport coat ?

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    Originally posted by PekkaKarhunen View Post
    I feel compelled to break my long posting silence to very strongly disagree with this advice. Gray herringbone and khaki is second only to a navy blazer and khakis in terms of classic combinations.

    To the OP: gray herringbone, lt blue oxford, repp stripe tie, flat-front/cuffed khakis, cordovan penny loafers. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better combo. Olive chinos work well too. Khaki or olive corduroys are great. Navy trousers are fine if you've got them but I wouldn't buy 'em if you didn't already have 'em.

    I would avoid gray-on-gray regardless of the contrast.
    This just sub out the penny loafers

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      Thanks for those links [MENTION=15502]Spex[/MENTION]. I liked some of the combos and will try to incorporate some them in to my style when the time comes to break the herringbone jacket out for the season.