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What Would You Get With The Bonobos' Golden Egg?

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    What Would You Get With The Bonobos' Golden Egg?

    If you don't know, Bonobos does an Easter promotion where they hide "eggs," or promo codes, around their website, and each have a limited number of uses. There is a $25 off code that has 50 uses, $50 off code that has 25, a $100 off that has 15, $250 that has 3 and one for $1,000 off. They ran the promotion on Friday, but their doing it again tomorrow starting at 12:00 pm Eastern. I'm putting 1,000 worth of merchandise in my cart and keeping it there just in case. What would everyone buy if they had $1,000 to Bonobos?

    By the way, if you want to see what the code looks like, go to Outerwear-Shamus Trench Khaki-Origin and highlight the text (the codes in white so it only shows if highlighted), that's the code from Friday.


    I highlighted everything and dont see a code?



      Awesome! Sounds like a job for a little hacking.



        I would get

        The Fairmont Glen Plaid Suit

        The Wool Cashmere Navy Blue Blazer

        $590 + $399 = $985



          Filled up my cart, just in case.

          Charleston Navy, Travel Demin to Yucatan, Jigsaws, Bs Knees Grey, and Tyler brown shoes



            Alan it's in there. All the way at the bottom of the "Origin" text box.

            "JACKPOT!!! You found the Golden Egg, the mother of all Easter eggs, worth $1000. The code is GE3965 and please, do spend it all in one place. This code only works once, so hopefully you're the first!"

            I thought it would be helpful for people to know what to look for, I spent an hour looking for actual images of eggs.



              Hmm...I have a really good idea about how to find the code, but I would need a really fat internet pipe to get it done before someone else found it. Hell, it might be how the others are finding it so quick.



                By the way, some of the codes are posted on their Facebook page too.



                  Just build a crawler seaching for "Easter", "egg", etc. Should actually be relatively simple unless it obfuscated or presented on the page as a DOM manipulation.



                    @Alan, I tried that, but yeah, they must obscure it somehow.

                    But the 1000 and 250 codes are gone already.



                      that would have worked for the previous two 1000$ codes, alan. But todays they actually edited into a photo of a pair of shorts.






                          Did anyone find anything?



                            neat exercise, as I've really not paid a lot of attention to their site. One code for a grand is probably worth a thousand people thinking about what they'd do with it.

                            Sherman 1955 boot- Oak St. I can't think of a way I get a big discount on anything that sells Oak St and I don't get some. 225

                            meriwether suit in steel - 425

                            couple pairs of pants @90 ea, 2 shirts at 80 apiece should cover it



                              I just looked through the shorts and I didn't find anything, so they must have either taken it down or I missed it...=\