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    Putting in a vote for Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald fit dress pants. They are slim fit but a more traditional rise if you want to avoid the low rise options. Quality is excellent and you can get them for $100-120 if you stalk the sale section.


      I recently tried on a ton of pants, and here's some of my input:

      - Lands End Year'Rounder Tailored Fit - honestly, they are just way too baggy. Good price, but they look terrible with slim shirts.
      - Spier & Mackay 100% wool trousers - bought a pair online, came with damaged thread. Got another pair, same issue. The fit was also terrible in the seat for me.
      - Banana republic - I picked up a pair of their "nanotex" 100% wool pants or whatever they are called for $50 on sale. Ended up going with these - nice and slim + tropical weight wool which is nice for hot weather. The seat isn't perfect on me, and some threading is a little loose, but $50 for 100% wool is a steal.
      - Bonobos Jetsetter pants - absolutely love these, but at $180, not worth it to me
      - Bonobos weekday warriors (cotton) - hated these. These have a softness to them, but it means they look far too casual and not crisp enough for an office. They are like a weird hybrid of formal style with casual material.

      Howard Yount looks good, but given the price and inability to try them on I didn't want to risk it. Same for SuitSupply. If I saw some of these pants closer to $100-$120 I'd be more inclined to snag them.

      The other option that looks really good is Jomers for around $70, but they are never in stock.


        Originally posted by devastitis View Post
        I really like the Bonobos Foundation trousers. Not at full price though, but on sale, well worth it.
        Sorry to reopen an old thread, but what has your experience been with these? I just ordered some in the 40% off sale items offer and cannot understand why they are saying a 100% cotton pant should be dry-clean only?