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can anyone talk me out of buying a set of Allen Edmonds Aschers 2nds for $97?

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  • can anyone talk me out of buying a set of Allen Edmonds Aschers 2nds for $97?

    I've been looking for a good pair of loafers for a while. I got a pair of the LL Bean ones, and frankly grew to hate them. The leather was cheesy, and the proportions didn't turn out to be that good. Though this isn't exactly exactly the shoe i have been looking for lately, I think this set is probably the only set they have in their shoebank sale section that i could get into. I've been looking for a shell cordovan Alden LHS instead, but they just haven't fell into my lap lately I suppose.

    If you could believe it, the shape is a little more sharp and modern than I usually look for in a loafer. I actually love the Oxblood color over the regular burgundy, but i really could go either way. For $97 I should probably just go with it, i'm sure as usual for AE they're going to be really nice shoes.

    I'm thinking these may get me through a few years with out having to buy any fancier loafers.

    Do you guys think the toe looks ok? is that double stitch toe thing weird?

    The Aldens that I really like, but my wallet doesn't like, for reference. These are like $650 or so...

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    Not sure if this helps you but the AE Kenwood looks pretty similar to those Aldens to me. I've seen a couple Kenwoods on the Shoebank site but not sure about the size or color you're looking for.

    If I didn't already have a pair of loafers, I would probably buy a pair of those Aschers for that price.
    Sorry, I know this didn't really help to try and talk you out of your purchase.


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      Don't do it!

      Is it just me or do the AE look sleaker.


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        I think the Ascher is somewhere between a sleek dressy loafer and a casual loafer. I've heard burgundy is the classic color that everyone wore back in the day. I don't think the double stitching is weird. It looks a little odd at that angle, but if you look at it from other angles (see the black and walnut versions on the AE website for example), the area between the stitching is raised. So, it makes a little more sense from that perspective.

        I wouldn't buy a pair of AE (even seconds) with the intention of only wearing them for two years. However, if you think you will continue to wear the AE shoes after you get the Alden shoes two years from now, then I say go for it. Alternatively, you could sell the AE shoes later, but it might be hard to sell seconds.

        I decided recently to only buy shoes to replace old ones. Hopefully that will keep me from buying shoes for quite a while.


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          I returned a pair of Ascher firsts a couple months ago due to a loud case of the squeaks. Unless you have tried them on in person I would advise against due to the vamp design.

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            I prefer the look of the Ascher, especially at 2/13ths of the price of the Alden. For a dress-casual shoe, I think that oxblood is a great color, preferable to AE's merlot or Alden's darker burgundy. I have McGregors in oxblood. Sure, for a more formal shoe, merlot or dark burgundy are going to be more versatile. But if you can be slightly more casual, the red in the oxblood can really pop, while still looking professional.

            I find the stitching more noticeable and intrusive on the Alden than on the Ascher, despite the double stitching.
            [MENTION=14636]Alex1[/MENTION]: Good policy! I've bought so many shoes in the last two years that I'm planning on taking a year, or even possibly 18 months, out from buying dress shoes. (Not all shoes, as I may need a pair of running or court shoes in that time, and my wife and I might get each other Bean Boots for Christmas). It'll also help me save up for my first foray beyond the AE price range and pick up an Alden or Carmina or even both.


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              Originally posted by srlclark View Post
              my wife and I might get each other Bean Boots for Christmas).
              Buy them now, they'll be sold out by X-Mas


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                The aschers are a fine shoe (note: they don't look as sleek in person, still not bad at all), but at least for me, AE loafers are no where near as comfortable as their oxfords, bluchers, and boots. I've always had a problem fitting well in them, as have other people I've spoken to. So, just be careful on sizing.


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                  Originally posted by Ttysonmcneely View Post
                  Buy them now, they'll be sold out by X-Mas
                  I know. Thanks. We'll order them sometime in September, as early xmas presents.


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                    guys this thread had a happy ending.

                    I was thinking about this over lunch, and decided it wouldn't be worth it to buy $97 ones unless i really scoured ebay for other options. So I dug through my buying alerts, and found a few pairs for around the price in my size.

                    So I just BUY IT NOW'd these perfect 10.5EEE Allen Edmonds Randolph's in Shell Cordovan for a mere $150. They're maybe a couple months old, still have most of the fresh leather on the sole.


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                      Good choice!
                      I love my Randolphs.


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                        Agreed. The Randolph looks better than the Ascher, which I don't care for at all.