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What do your shoes look like today?

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    What do your shoes look like today?

    I was shining my shoes last night and was thinking about how their appearance has changed over the years. It made me think that it would be interesting to see "before" and "after" shots. Given that many of us wear the same shoes, I thought it would be cool to make a post seeing what they all look like, to see the differences between them, especially as they have aged. Post some shots of your shoes and let us know how old they are! I'll start.

    AE Walnut Strand - approx 4 years old, I think?
    AE Bourbon McAllister - approx 3 years old.

    Both get heavy rotation year-round, with the mcallisters getting the lions share of that these days. I only polish them once every 3-4 months, I'd say.

    No love here? Nobody else wants to share the character and patina your shoes have developed over the years?

    I bet if I had titled this post "shoe porn", it would have gotten a lot more activity. Haha