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steaming my suit

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    steaming my suit

    Going to a wedding tomorow evening.

    I recently got a nice Rowenta iron.
    It has the steam function.

    How do I exactly steam a suit?

    Hang it up on a hanger?
    Get temperature hot?
    Place iron near suit and press steam?

    Do I turn the temperature setting on my iron to wool?

    suit: 85% wool 15% polyester

    If it's fused, be very careful on the front of it.


      I would hang it up in the bathroom while you take a shower first. Wool is naturally wrinkle resistant; so, this is often good enough. If it is still wrinkled, then I would steam it with a steamer, completely avoiding the areas where the jacket is fused. I usually only need to steam the back of a suit jacket anyways.

      Using an iron is dangerous. Rubbing a hot iron over wool can eventually leave a shiny surface (some dry cleaners will use a process that makes the suit shiny in spots too). Keep the iron away from the lining. Some linings will melt. If you use a hot iron over a fused portion of a jacket, it can melt the glue and produce bubbling. That will completely ruin your jacket, and you will never be able to wear it again.
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        I never use the steam function on an iron for suits etc. I have a separate steamer for that. As others mentioned above there are a lot of potential areas for disaster. I'd hang in a hot shower or get a steamer.