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Anyone tried the new J. Crew Legacy blazers yet?

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    So you think that the new $350 blazer is actually a significant improvement on the old $388, one? That's good to hear.

    I am especially pleased about point 1, which you also say is the most important. I have posted several times that I don't much like navy and often try to find dark blue but not navy pieces instead. But those navies that are actually navy and so clearly blue are actually fine. It's really the "off-black" midnight blues that I don't like - but a lot of times something is midnight but labeled as navy. (Another example: I want to get myself a navy blue merino v-neck at some point this fall/winter/by the end of next spring. I've liked BR's v-necks in the past and often wear my mid-gray merino v-neck in winter. But at least on their website the merino v-neck that they call navy is almost black. If it were the same shade as the merino crew neck navy, I'd like it a lot more. And perhaps the difference is just in the photos. I'll have to check in store. But the online photos are to my mind a good example of the difference between something that really is navy and something that's actually midnight blue).

    Originally posted by sprucedup View Post
    That "customer" review" is goofy, and it definitely doesn't reflect any comparison of old vs. new.

    I own both versions.

    There are three differences, in order of importance.

    1) The color is more obviously blue (navy) under all lights. The old version looks nearly black in a lot of conditions. This is a big improvement, in my opinion.

    2) The fabric has considerably more texture. It's not tweedy or anything like that, but it's definitely got more of a blazer feel.

    3) The buttons are dark brown, rather than black, which complements the lighter hue of the fabric

    With the old version, I always feel a little bit like people could mistake it for an orphaned suit jacket. This is much, much more obviously a blazer/sportcoat.

    Besides the things I noted, there are really no other differences to mention between the two versions.

    It is worth noting, though, that this jacket -- like the old version and Ludlows in general -- has nonfunctioning buttons. The listing as of Aug. 25 still says "functional buttons at cuffs," despite my alerting J. Crew to the error. Again, I own this jacket and I can confirm 100 percent that the buttons are nonfunctioning.

    I'm keeping the old version around, but this is definitely the one I'm going to be wearing for most occasions.


      Out of curiosity I ordered the updated legacy Ludlow to try it out. Perhaps my expectations were skewed, but after its arrival yesterday I find myself somewhat disappointed.

      Maybe it's just my lack of knowledge of wool fabric, but I can’t shake the impression that the wool just looks cheap. I was encouraged to hear that it had a nice texture, but in person, the uneven and almost slubby texture is a bit odd, especially with a slight sheen to it. It looks like a cheap wool-blend fabric to my admittedly untrained eye. Can anyone explain why I’m wrong here?

      The heft of the wool for what is supposed to be a year-round blazer seems far too light. This was the most surprising part to me. It’s pretty transparent on the non-lined portion of the back. The light fabric does drape well and it feels very nice when worn, but it gives me the impression of a warm-weather wool rather than a sturdy wool blazer you’d wear in colder months. I already have several summer Ludlow blazers; I expected the legacy to have a bit more heft to it.

      I also didn’t find the color to be much lighter than a typical almost-black navy. Honestly, with the drape and dark navy color, this still could be mistaken for an orphaned suit jacket.

      The fit is impeccable, at least. Ultimately I’m leaning toward returning it. I already have a dark-navy wool blazer that errs on the side of suit jackety territory and it rarely gets worn - I was hoping the legacy would offer a different look.


        [MENTION=13635]EnchinoMan[/MENTION] -- Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I still haven't seen it in person, but your thoughts on the fabric are what I expected. I would have been very surprised if the American Woolen Company could produce something as nice as Loro Piana super 130 wool. I'm guessing Loro Piana and J. Crew weren't able to make a deal this year.

        I don't think this would be mistaken for a suit jacket. The top stitching is too prominent. If anything, this looks less like a suit jacket than the previous version, since it is lighter in color, more textured, and the buttons contrast with the fabric more. Are you saying that the fabric is thin for a blazer? Is that what you mean in regards to the drape?

        I love the dark navy color on the old version. It's especially nice for an evening out. I love the J. Crew Ludlow fit, but I can't bring myself to buy more stuff from J. Crew since I know the slim lapels will be out of fashion for a 42R jacket size in a few years. Come on J. Crew. Give us 3.25" lapels. :-)


          [MENTION=14636]Alex1[/MENTION] - yes, the fabric is very thin and not substantial at all. It wouldn't surprise me to see this marketed as a summer wool blazer, but as a standalone, only-blazer-you-need proposition, it's awfully thin and light weight. And honestly, the appearance of the wool looks like something I'd expect on a wool/poly blend Merona blazer priced at $40. Something about it just looks off to me and distinctly non-premium. It could be my own lack of experience with textured wool, though.

          As I think about the concern re: being mistaken as an orphaned suit jacket, I realize it's a bit of a non-issue. Mostly because the finer details used to differentiate jackets (texture, top stitching, patch pockets, et al) are lost on the wider public anyway.

          From a personal preference standpoint, though, it still feels like this blazer errs on the side of formality (using that word liberally here). I don't find the coloration to be much different than a true dark navy, and the odd texture/sheen combo doesn't really help.