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Pants to go with chambray blazer

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    Pants to go with chambray blazer

    i got the LEC chambray blazer last summer, and i havent quite figured out what kind of pants to wear with it. i think more camel colored khakis work, but the ones i have aren't slim enough to go well with it. would cords like these ( ) go with it? any other sugguestions?

    ^above is the chambray blazer i own


    I think any light-colored chinos that aren't blue would work. Khaki and white are obvious choices, but even light pinks, greens, and yellows would probably also do fine. The primary determinant won't be the color, but rather the dressiness of it. That chambray is pretty darn casual so you won't want pants that are too dressy.

    BTW, you might want to play around with the chambray jacket and different shorts combinations, too. Cargos won't work, but I suspect that most other solid-colored cotton shorts have a fighting chance.



      I wouldn't go with cords. These belong to colder temperatures.

      Light khaki or white chinos would be the easiest choices if you want to play it safe.



        I think cords would look out of place because chambray is more of a spring / summer fabric while cords are more fall / winter



          Cream colored chinos or light grey would work, or you could pick up the LEC refined slim fit plum chinos that are on sale now if you want to get a bit more colorful



            I agree with Jason on the mixing of seasonal attire, although chambray shirts I wear in the fall/winter more than the summer.

            I'd say that something like the color of Bonobos graham cracker khakis ( ) would be a good color to pair with them (sorry for the unsolicited/free advertisement for them -- wasn't sure how else to describe the color; that being said, I own a pair and really like them, too). I think another route would be to go with something that's white or offwhite... maybe an oatmeal color if you have something like that.



              i know joe just posted an article about the overuse of pop-colors in an outfit, but i personally think lec's chambray blazer would pair well with a pair of colored chinos. red, purple, green, or blue would work for me...maybe even something pastel. finish it off with sockless lace-ups and a light button-up, perhaps?



                @video: I agree on the color, but blue pants would just be too much blue IMO.



                  @alan: good point. was thinking maybe navy with a white ocbd...i think that could fly, if you added in some subtle color elsewhere?



                    Thanks for the responses!

                    Anyone know of a place to get cheap slim white chinos or barely pink, almost white chinos? the problem i see with light khaki, is that I can't stand the light khaki pants/white button down look, yet i can picture my white oxford going with the jacket the most.. the shirt would have to be almost white if if was going to be a color, couldnt be regular pink, because the light pink, yellow, or green and blue would look odd, in my opinion.

                    digging the pastel pant thought.. i like that notion.

                    Also, i'm a college student, so keep that in mind when it comes to prices



                      @Andrew: Any color that works for the pants will also work with the shirts. A white shirt will be fine, but so will virtually anything else. Blue is a bit of a freak color in that it goes with just about everything else, regardless of color rules, so you can mix/mtach that blue blazer with a bazillion combos.

                      So don't write off the khaki pants and colored shirt. Plus, as a stand-alone, you may find yourself getting more use out of the khaki than any other color. It's no coincidence that that they're called "khakis".



                        any shirt darker than the jacket just doesnt look quite right.. so i guess that's one of the issues, and patterned shirts are a little touchy too, and I have mostly patterned shirts.

                        Definitely agree with the dressiness of the pants though.. any pants with creased legs i can forget about, because they just look too dressy.