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Thoughts on this BB Trench

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    Thoughts on this BB Trench

    Been looking for a nice trench for a while. I'd like to get the dappered community's thoughts on this one before I buy...



    I'm personally more of a mac person than a trench person, but it seems nice if you're looking for something cropped. If you don't mind going full-length, a thrift store is virtually guaranteed to have you covered for less than 10% of that price.



      Wasnt a fan until i saw the last models fit...i like it...

      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



        Also keep in mind that it doesn't have a removeable liner so if it's hot AND wet, you're gonna be miserable. I do like non-double breasted look, though. Just not a fan of the shoulders.

        EDIT: In fact, if not for the shoulder flaps and epaulets, that would be mac.



          Ahhh... This is the style I prefer, even though it's only offered in navy.



            Here's a factory-direct Hickey Freeman version at the same price level (cheaper when you exclude tax) without the shoulder business:

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            It's definitely a warm-weather jacket, though. It's got high linen content.



              MaxMan - That pic is what drew my attention to the jacket!

              Alan - thanks for all the feedback! I actually like the flaps. I've seen them on traditional DB trenchs and IMO it sets it apart/makes it unique. For example...


              I really like the Blue BB Trench as well. Strangely, the zipper looks gold in some pics and silver in others?

              Not a fan of the Hickey Freeman option, specifically the double collar.



                Yeah, it's all personal preference. That's why both are so common, I'm sure.



                  The lining is cotton, so you don't have to worry about it retaining heat. I dislike the non-functional gun flaps though.

                  I would recommend L.L.Bean Signature's trench. Also lightweight (poplin?) cotton but with half lining. It's more of a shoulder season jacket (spring/fall) and can handle anything up to steady rain. If the length is too long, you can take it to a tailor and have him/her chop off a few inches off the bottom. Money-wise, you'll still come out ahead even with tailoring costs.



                    The lack of belt makes it too shapeless, IMO. It causes the natural waist to completely disappear and turns the torso-upper thigh area into one big rectangle.




                      @BenR: Perfect for those of us without much of a shape!



                        To me, the trench coat and outerwear in general is foremost supposed to be functional and layer/protect on top of a suit/sportcoat/whatnot, so waist suppression should really be secondary.



                          Have a look at the Hilfiger one Joe has just put up in the sale for $120.




                            $199 for a Brooks Brother's trench is a much better deal than $120 for a Hilfiger



                              Actually, $170 for a BB trench. The 15% off appears when you add it to the cart. It's 25% off site-wide if you have a card there. Sale ends today, 4/5 (as reported on Put This On).