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    Suit Supply

    I'm considering picking up a suit or a couple of sport coats from Suit Supply. Does anyone have any experience with them?


    According to this article, they make a pretty fine garment for the money:

    A friend picked something up from there recently and was pleased enough. Wasn't quite the color he thought it would be but with easy returns/exchanges, no biggie.



      I bought a suit from there a couple months ago. I love it, the material and construction is first class for the price. I got the Napoli fit and didn't need to have anything altered other than the hem of the pants. The only thing to look out for is the working buttons on the sleeves. I would definitely recommend them.



        Patrick_uga - any chance you could post some pics? I've also been thinking about giving suit supply a try and pics would be incredibly helpful.



          While by no means is it perfect, the Napoli fit I bought recently is probably the most well-fitting suit I've ever worn, OTR and without major alterations; I only got one sleeve adjusted and the pants hemmed. The shoulders have less structure -- something I need -- which is the biggest difference from other suits less than $500. I've never found another suit in that price range that doesn't offer highly padded shoulders.

          Things to be wary of are that the sleeve buttons are functional and the pants do come hemmed, for those of you with abnormally long arms or legs.

          Let me also add that while this is the most well-fitting suit I've ever worn OTR, I have a somewhat slimmer build, and on me the waist suppression is aggressive to say the least. It looks fashionable, but given that I wear my suits to work in a conservative field where everyone else wears sack suits, it makes me look almost unprofessional and foppish. I'm considering getting the waist let out a little on my jacket, but undecided as of yet.

          FWIW, I think the pictures on the website are truly representative of how they actually fit. I don't think they pin the waist back on any of their models like other brands do.



            I will agree with Chareth that the waist suppression is very aggressive. I could probably have mine let out a touch, but I left it b/c it's given me a reason to lose a few lbs.



              I'm not sure which of their fits to try: napoli or london. London has a stronger shoulder, but it's also more traditional. Napoli has a rolled shoulder and a higher button stance.



                I'd go with the shoulder style you prefer (or need). I didn't notice that the Napoli had a particularly high button stance, but now that I compared it against a BB Fitz suit of mine, the top button is about 0.5" higher.

                What do you mean when you say "rolled shoulder"? I had never heard that term until now, and googling it points me to a handful of articles that say it means there is more padding and structure around the shoulder, but I'm not sure if that's what you're referring to.



                  anyone know if there are any coupons or discounts available?

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                    No, from everything I've read they don't offer sales or discounts on anything.



                      So maybe this is where the "Made in China" aspect of Suit Supply bites you in the ass.

                      I was so impressed with the fit of my first Napoli that I ordered a few more in other colors. Suffice it to say that the fit is inconsistent among all three of the suits. The shoulders on the second two fit more like 40Rs, even though they're labeled 38Rs. On top of that, the second two Napolis I received have more sculpted waists, so much so that it gives me a very feminine hourglass figure. Crazy.

                      Thank goodness for free return shipping.



                        I had a great experience today with Joe O'Donnell at the SoHo store and walked out with a navy blue Sienna. I'm 6 ft 170 and took a 38L. The 38 was just a bit too short.

                        The fit was pretty great off the rack. The shoulders were nearly perfect (the tiniest bit of dimpling on my right shoulder) and just about everything else was spot on. I thought I saw a tiny bit of rippling down the back, but I can decide to get that looked from a local tailor at now that I'm back on Chicago.

                        Both times I have been at the store, the salespeople seem intent on finding you a fit that will need very little tailoring. I don't know if it is part of the pitch to help move suits out the door, but both times I put on a jacket (last time, it was the Washington and this time, the Sienna), the salespeople said they wouldn't really make any alterations. I'm no pro, and the fit looked pretty good, but I just don't know if this is a tactic or not. As it was, they literally suggested that the only thing I have done was to get the pants hemmed. So I just decided on the amount of break (slight) and they hemmed the pants in 15 or so minutes while I waited. I walked right out with the suit!

                        The Sienna was last season's model which retails for $639 (and is no longer on their website). The current season's version is $779 like all the other Sienna suits. I was happy with my suit, so I didn't ask about the differences between last year's and this year's models. It seems like prices are holding steady on the other cuts.

                        I can also say that this was just a very comfortable and pleasant shopping experience. I was not dressed for suit shopping, but they happily waited on me and provided me with a dress shirt and dress shoes and the salespeople were helpful and definitely not pushy Joe told me that he can't understand the seasonal suit thing, and always buys 3 or 4 season suits rather than flannels and seersuckers and whatnot. He obviously could push the idea of more specialized suits to sell more of them, but that wasn't what he was about. The sales man unstitched the vent without even being asked so I could try it on with a natural drape. They also offered to pin the pants to show me various breaks before I'd even decided to buy the suit.

                        The suit bag is also a thing of beauty. it is high quality, durable material that seems like a waxed fabric, not plastic and has snaps to easily fold up and carry while traveling. The hangar was also thick and well constructed.

                        All-in-all, I was very pleased with my first Suit Supply experience. It will be nice to have them in my home city. I am probably set on suits for the time being, but I'm glad to have them nearby and look forward to wearing the new suit and checking out their new store once it opens.



                          RBMike, thanks for the very helpful write-up. I think I'm heading there for my next suit, or at least to check things out in person, since they're a couple subway stops away for me.



                            Great post, RBMike. Thanks for the write up. How was their stock in store vs what they show on the website? The suit I had my eye one has disappeared from the website. Think it might be worth the trip up to NYC to visit the store.

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                              @tomservo - I definitely saw some suits in the store that weren't on the site, but it's hard to really generalize how much more there was. As I said, the site no longer lists the suite I bought off the rack yesterday. If you were interested in a particular style, probably best to contact them to see if they have it (or if they can get it).