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    I wear a wool car coat anytime under 40, if im going to be outside. I shed it once I get in doors.



      Trench coat or looser fitting coat... I have a trench and also use my Barbour Beaufort since it's designed to be loose and allow layering underneath



        Calvin Klein Warren Chukka Boots in size 9 and color Brown.

        I think its being discontinued and vendors are selling out of whats left. :/



          I am looking for a pair of brown loafers. I really like the traditional penny loafer style. I am in love with the AE Montecito. I would love to find something on Ebay but I am horrible at it. Size 8.5



            bremersm: Does it have to be AE? The Montecito seems about as traditional as it gets so there should be a million seemingly identical shoes (of obvious varying quality) out there.



              I guess I am not as bad at ebay as I thought I was. There was a pair of AE Glasgows in my size offered for $80. I offered $50 and the seller bit. This is my first pair of AEs. I will do a review as soon as i get them.



                I'm looking for a nice slim fit madras shirt size M. May try the one from LEC, but looking for other options too.



                  What's your budget?



                    I'd like to stay under $30 if possible.



                      The short sleeve ones on LEC aren't even that cheap



                        Target has short sleeve Madras shirts under their Mossimo line, they're supposed to be athletic fit but wouldn't say they're super slim (slimmer than LEC, I bet). They're cheap at $16.95 and have chambray inside the collar and inside the sleeve. My only complaint is that they are pretty long on me.



                          Does anyone have any good suggestions for a vest that will turn my Jcrew Factory Thompson suit into a three-piece? I'm not sure if I should try to find something that matches, or something that contrasts with the rest of the suit.

                          There are some some promising vests on the main Jcrew site, but they cost almost as much as the whole suit!

                          Also, if I'm going to be wearing it in Summer, is it beneficial to find something in linen?



                            Dan, match whatever fabric the suit is. If it's a linen suit go linen.

                            As for the vest color, only try to match if it's a standard color. Otherwise you will never get it right and it will look bad and even then it will be tough to match.

                            If you're deadset on making it a three piece go for something contrasting.

                            I'm a big fan of waistcoats by themselves and had good luck with Zappos.

                            Dress for style, live for results.



                              @Dan: Whether a linen vest is appropriate or not depends entirely on the suit that it's meant to go with. I'm assuming you're referring to the heather grey wool/poly Thompson suit that's currently up on the Factory website? If so, you may want something more refined than linen to go with that suit. But then again, even by itself, that could be a warm suit to attempt to wear in summer (depending where you are).

                              In terms of color, I agree with tomservo, except I'll take it to the next degree. Don't even attempt to find something that fully matches your suit. The color, texture, material, weave and pattern will all have to match or otherwise it won't look right. You'll be better off just contrasting.



                                I have the thompson suit sitting in a minimized tab at the checkout window, debating whether or not I should go for it $170 is a ridiculously good price, and the jacket fits me nicely, but I dont know if I NEED it. I am however worried about regretting not getting it... decisions decisions....