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The ongoing "Help Me Find..." Thread

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    The ongoing "Help Me Find..." Thread

    Thought this would be a good idea for a thread for items that you're looking to buy, but don't know who makes them, or what all your options are. I've had a few questions the last few days, and know the collective knowledge can help.

    First up, looking for a lightweight, khaki colored shirt. Safari style. Button chest pockets, epaulets, slim fitting. Any ideas?


    @Ben: BR just released a "desktop safari" line for the spring. Might want to check it out. I'll look for a link...

    EDIT: Check this out:



      What size Ben? I've got a NWT Hickey Freeman linen in a pale yellow that sounds like exactly what you're looking for. Size medium.

      EDIT: Maybe not epaulets



        I'm usually medium or small depending on fit. 5'8, 155, athletic build, 38-39" chest, 15.5 neck, 32 sleeve

        Alan, not only are you useful, but you are quick as well. thanks



          @JC: At the risk of derailing this thread, I'd be interested in that shirt if Ben isn't (depending on price). And I'm ready to close the deal on the khaki twill blazer. I'm gonna pass on the camel, though.



            If your looking for a cheaper option.




              @Alan email me

              jcarreira AT gmail



                I'm looking for a pair of tan oxfords (plain or wingtip) for about 100-125$ to wear at work.

                If I go the ebay route, what all brands should i be looking for besides AE?



                  this is going to be a long-ass link, and I hope it works. Just fill in your size and max price

         Men%2527s%2529=9&_nkw=(%22edward%20green%22%2C%20p eal%2C%20%22brooks%20brothers%22%2C%20alden%2C%20l ingwood%2C%20lobb%2C%20vass%2C%20testoni%2C%20edmo nds%2C%20mcafee%2C%20church%2C%20hermes%2C%20crisp in%2C%20zegna%2C%20santoni%2C%20faconnable%2C%20fe rragamo%2C%20sutor%2C%20mantellassi%2C%20%22shell% 20cordovan%22%2C%20%22purple%20label%22%2C%20trick ers%2C%20grenson%2C%20crockett%2C%20gravati%2C%20k iton%2C%20tramezza%2C%20sargent%2C%20weston%2C%20l attanzi%2C%20heschung%2C%20balint%2C%20scafora%2C% 20valextra%2C%20branchini%2C%20bontoni%2C%20bemer% 2C%20aubercy%2C%20corthay%2C%20Dinkelacker%2C%20%2 2paul%20stuart%22%2C%20asprey%2C%20tods%2C%20etro% 2C%20sander%2C%20carmina%2C%20albaladejo%2C%20%22p aul%20smith%22%2C%20martegani%2C%20altan%2C%20arti oli%2C%20barrett%2C%20bestetti%2C%20stefanobi%2C%2 0borgioli%2C%20cheaney%2C%20cleverly%2C%20ducker%2 C%20donegan%2C%20gaziano%2C%20guyot%2C%20klemann%2 C%20loake%2C%20maftei%2C%20melkersson%2C%20moresch i%2C%20materna%2C%20meier%2C%20myhre%2C%20pape%2C% 20peron%2C%20petrocchi%2C%20reiter%2C%20scheer%2C% 20schneider%2C%20stanislas%2C%20suzuki%2C%20crisci %2C%20ugolini%2C%20vogel%2C%20yanko%2C%20tyrwhitt% 2C%20shipton%2C%20heneage%2C%20%22ralph%20lauren%2 2)%20-sneaker&rt=nc&Width=Medium%2520%2528D%252C%2520M%2 529&_dcat=93427&_fln=1&_ssov=1&_trksid=p3286.c0.m2 82



                    Thanks, Ben



                      When the weather is cloudy but not rainy, too chilly to wear a blazer by itself and not cold enough for the wool overcoat (let's say between 25°F and 50°F), what should I be wearing over said blazer ?



                        25 degrees isn't enough for a wool overcoat?!? Well you could always try putting on another layer under the blazer such as a sweater or sweater vest. Also, adding gloves and a hat will help since those are two places where a lot of heat is lost - especially the head.

                        I've also seen people wear quilted jacket vests over sportcoats, but I've got mixed feeling on that look.



                          Don't forget I'm Canadian, 25 degrees is not that cold for us ! That's the kind of temperatures we're having around here right now, 25 degrees being at night.

                          I had the same idea with the sweater (I could also add a scarf to the look), but it would be great if I had a outer layer I could easily remove instead (the goal here is to keep the blazer).

                          And never really quite liked this quilted trend either.

                          Maybe a trench coat? What do you think?



                            What's your budget?



                              I don't know, maybe $200?