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Interesting Lands End / LEC spring sale stuff

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    Interesting Lands End / LEC spring sale stuff

    Lands End / LEC is back at it with the sales, and some of this stuff looks pretty great for spring:

    I could keep going, but I figured I would just point out the sale and let everyone else post what they find.

    Here's the main sale link:


    I just posted these boat shoes in another thread, but I'll put them here to consolidate:

    These canvas sneakers come in fun colors, and they're cheap enough to experiment with:

    Lastly, some more colorful boat shoes that are also cheap enoguh to experiemtn with:



      It's funny that LEC moves all their sale and clearance stuff onto the main site. It seems like very few people find it there, so it sits there unsold, hence the absurd low prices ($8-15) for stuff that is surprisingly well-stocked in terms of sizes and colors. I know they're trying to protect their image and new, more expensive pricing scheme, but it's just a weird strategy to me.

      I'm thinking about picking up some of those $12 oxford shirts once Easter rolls around. The striped blue one I got around Christmas has gotten the most wear out of any shirt in my closet these past few months.




        I have the double madras pocket shirt in a small and like it a lot. Great slim fit for 6'0 170 lb guy. Sleeves are almost too short, but fine.

        Too bad they don't have a lot of smalls left. I've gotten mediums in similar shirts, but the smalls fit perfectly.

        I saw some of these at the Inlet last week too at $14.97, so you might want to check locally too.



          thanks alan for posting, was about to put this same thing when JC asked in WIWT

          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



            Yes, this belt has a gold buckle. If you can get past that, though, they have several colors for cheap, although quantities are becoming limited. They also carry a silver buckled belt at twice the price.

            This is the real deal... if you have a 48 waist:

            Something you DON'T see everyday. A wool-covered belt... Including one in black watch:




              No problem, Maxman. It's a big enoguh deal to deserve it's own thread. Anyone interested should probably order today since I wouldn't be at all surprised if this becomes a blog entry on the main site soon.



                I got myself a pair of white chinos and a casual shirt for $32 bucks, gotta love Land's End.



                  Picked up the plum chinos in straight and slim to try out. I'm guessing they'll be too baggy and too slim, but maybe one will work out...



                    @ trash - I was just gonna post those. In fact I think I still will.


                    Them's some serious go-to-hell pants.




                      I'm banking on the straight fit being just right for my large legs. I have the same plum chinos in my cart. Still filling it up before I order, though.



                        Free shipping with code SWIMHQ1 with PIN 2512, by the way.



                          Ya Max ended a near daily search for me with the plum chino link.

                          A note on the 2 pocket madras shirt (the first one pictured in this thread), size down 1 from your normal size. I usually wear a medium and the small fits me perfectly. This rule generally applies to most things for me from LE or LEC though anyway.



                            They're calling these" mesh polos". I'm assuming they mean pique. They're pre-washed which should help the shrinkage that comes with pique, and they're $8.

                            This one comes in many more colors, but mostly just smalls are left.

                            Lastly, their "tailored" polo. Available in the largest selection of colors and sizes:

                            They have a couple more types of polos, but they start to get more expensive, even on sale.



                              This field jacket looks like a good bet for lightweight spring outerwear. It's basically the same as their more famous waxed canvas jacket, but cheaper.


                              At $35 it could be a good candidate to try do-it-yourself garment waxing.