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    I really liked the color of the shoes (and the color of your Daltons, by the way), but now I'm not sure I still want them...



      I would actually prefer the Mr. Bs with a commando sole. I sort of feel like the Mr. Bs look like the boot you'd actually wear in the country while hunting in your tweed jacket and the Daltons are the sleeker city version.

      I love the color of the Daltons in walnut and no matter what discount on the Mr. Bs, I'd know I'd always be wishing they were the Daltons if I had gotten the cognac ones. The dark brown Daltons don't have the same affect on me though, so I'm more than happy having the cheaper Mr. Bs in dark brown to get beat up.



        This was the piece that first introduced me to the Dalton's & have wanted a pair since:

        I'm with VespaMatt though, if I kept my Blake boots, I'd just wish they were Dalton's



          I bought the Blake Boots in Dark Brown and have had the opportunity to wear them a few times. I personally really like them a lot. I have tried on the AE Dalton, and it does fit and look better, but ultimately after tax, its going to cost about $250 more than the Blake. And while the Dalton is better, its not $250 better.

          The Mr. B line from Aldo does seme to be a great "tweener" line between Steve Madden/Stacy Adams/etc and Allen Edmonds. Also what is nice is that you can experiment with what you like without making a huge investment. I honestly wasn't sure if I would like wearing boots all that much. and so dropping $400 after tax wasn't an option.

          I would put Mr. B's quality on the same level as Cole Haan. They aren't going to last a lifetime, but with a little care, they will last 3-4 years with regular wear.