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    Mr. B's Shoes

    Anyone here have experience with Mr. B's shoes? I saw this article and they seemed interesting:


    Really interested in those as well. I was waiting for a sale, but might still get them anyway if they come back in my size in Cognac. I think I could get a 15% coupon by suscribing to their newsletter.

    Here's a huge thread from Styleforum about Mr B's :



      I like those, and it doesn't surprise me that it's an Aldo line. They've always had some very fashion-forward pieces (not just shoes, but accessories like bags, sunglasses, etc.) for men at very reasonable prices. The only thing is, like with anything in life, you get what you pay for. The aesthetics are definitely much better than the build quality, so don't expect quality leather or stitching that is going to last for years.



        I haven't had any experience, but I wouldn't go near anything from Aldo. I have had shoes from them in the past that were worse quality than any others I've ever owned.

        To me Mr B's looks to be to Aldo what Art of Shaving is to Gillette, authentic looking "heritage" or "artisan" branding stuck on only slightly higher quality crap, with an inflated price tag.

        Just my two cents, and maybe I am being too cynical, I would be interested to know if the claims they make about these are legit.



          Doesn't look bad but for the price I would still go Cole Haan or something in that range. For the dirt cheap purcahser, I think these Staffords would be reasonable

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            Seem to get pretty good reviews on SF for the price. I like the navy ones.



              @Jordan: I've seen those JC Penney shoes in the store. They look exactly like their online pics. They have a good shape and closed laces, but I do have quality concerns. But for the price, they probably make a fine pair of beater shoes on bad weather days where you don't want to risk hurting your good pairs.



                I have the Mr. B Blake boot in dark brown, which I got with the discount coupons and stuff for $125 + tax. I think the quality is decent and I get LOTS of compliments on them. I don't think I wear them enough to vouch for the quality but I read that entire StyleForum post before purchase. The leather is thick and doesn't seem like plastic. I wouldn't pay regular price, though.

                I bought a pair of AE Daltons in Walnut afterwards and, I have to say after owning the Daltons, I prefer it's lines to Mr. Bs. Side-by-side the Dalton has a slimmer, more attractive toe while the Mr. B almost appears bulbous in comparison (something AE is usually accused of). I can throw up a pic side-by-side when I get home if anyone is interested in comparing the two.



                  I would love to see that. I wasn't sure at first, but I saw both the Blake and the Adamis in Esquire, it got me interested.

                  How did you get the coupons by the way ?



                    The dark brown Blake boot is already discounted to $139 and then I used the coupon that everyone is mentioning for signing up on their e-mail list.



                      @Alan: I figured as much, but for someone on the ramen noodle budget, I think they would be contenders. I don't wear black shoes that much, but I need "a" black shoe that doesnt look like total crap to fil the voide for awhile...



                        I bought the boots for christmas and ended up returning them. Color wasnt what i expected and they just felt too bulky for my taste. Quality seemed ok.

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                          I agree with tdig, I just sent sent these back in the post due to their extreme bulk. I wear a size 8, so the bulk just made me feet look like clown shoes, and did nothing to help accentuate a slim profile. The toe was extremely burnished as well, which I wasn't expecting, but the rest of the construction looked alright.



                            I bought a pair and actually returned them the next day at a local Aldo store. The price for them even at $139 + tax is already in Allen Edmonds seconds territory and the construction doesn't quite compare--who knows, maybe I've been seduced by all the Allen Edmond lovers on the appreciation thread on StyleForum...

                            Anyway, I digress. The large brogueing wasn't that tasteful to me. I prefer the smaller decorations like what you'd find on a Dalton (which I don't own) or most brogue shoes. The ones on the Mr. B's shoes look like moon craters.



                              Here ya go guys, Mr. B Blake boot in dark brown VS AE Dalton boot in walnut:

                              Hopefully you can see, the Mr. B is bulkier than the Dalton. Both are size 10 regular width. I typically wear a size 9.5 or 10 and sized up on the boots since I usually wear them with thicker socks, and as such they fit great. I've worn each only about half a dozen times.

                              The Mr. B is definitely bigger and more typical of what I expect from a classic work kind of boot. The Dalton is more sophisticated. So yeah, both brogue boots but slightly different... I think the Mr. B were worth the $125 after discount and are good boots to wear when I would be worried about messing up the Daltons. The Dalton is a much closer fit, you can see I have to unlace a lot more of it to get it off my foot and I have found it impossible to fit my regular shoe trees inside, so I just stuff them with the tissue paper they came with. Being the darker color, I don't see burnishing problems anywhere and the broguing doesn't contrast as much as on the other colors. To each their own though.

                              My local store does not carry the Mr. B line so these are the only examples I've ever seen. I probably would never go for the regular shoes because they look equally as bulky as the boots. I can do bulky in a boot, not really in a dress shoe.