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Not The Dappys, But Awards Of The Sort

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    Not The Dappys, But Awards Of The Sort

    In a tip of the hat to wins by Banana Republic and Kentucky – the latter showing more depth, in my view – perhaps its time we contributed to our own year-end appraisal of style. I won’t call it The Dappy’s so as not to offend Joe.

    Here’s mine. Feel free to weigh in.

    Outstanding Value For Cash

    You can get a lot of good – and some great - stuff from Land’s End/LEC while not being Ike Turner to your wallet.

    New Purchase That Has Been A Revelation

    Banana Republic’ slim fit chinos are a pant to end all pants.

    Guilty Pleasure

    Green Bay Packers tshirt bought at Old Navy. It’s like wearing a cloud.

    Trend That’s Fast Going the Way of Lindsay’s Lohan’s Career

    I don’t think the double breasted suit has any staying power whatsoever.

    This Year’s Big Investment

    Finally got a pair of AE Strands. Sex on wheels. Haven’t been this in love since I met wife. Then the salt got at them.

    Pending Purchase That Keeps You Up At Night

    I might regret it, but I do want an Indochino Essential Gray Suit. A Churchill dot cravat would tie it all together.

    Why you shouldn’t shop online while drunk

    Ordered a doneghal sweater from Land’s End; originally $145, on for $60. Haven’t worn it. Never met a garment so itchy in my entire life. They should force sex offenders on parole to wear this sweater as punishment.

    Steal of The Year

    Banana Republic blazer for $80 during their 40% off sale.

    Style Trends You Just Don’t Get

    I get flower lapels, but am not of the sartorial stature to pull it off. Real skinny jeans as well, especially when paired with boots. On the subject of fashion anorexia, I wonder if the half dozen skinny ties I have will be useless in a year or so.

    A Man Can Never Have Too Many

    Pocket squares. Or Stella Artois in the fridge.

    Biggest Disappointment By A Big Name Retailer

    I am forever tempted by the Calvin Klein dress shirts in the bargain bin. And I always regret buying them. You’d need an army of maids to iron the wrinkles out of them. Like Lebron James, they crumble under the slighest bit of pressure.

    Vendors Whose Bankruptcy Would Lead To A Better World of Dress

    Ed Hardy, Uggs, Crocs

    My Wardrobe Could Do With Substantially Less

    Striped ties.

    Award For Outstanding Performance In The Field Of Grooming

    Bumble & Bumble Sumotech for hair. Proraso shaving cream for the face. Malin and Goetz eucalyptus deodorant.

    Casual Shoe of The Year

    Onitsuka Tiger

    Dress Shoe of The Year

    Don’t have it, but want it. The AE Jefferson

    Tie In An Outstanding Support Role honorable mention to H=IDX_sale-_-men-_-dress-shirts-ties&origin=index

    Official Theme Song Of The Year

    For a simple song that's immediately recognizable.

    Fashion Trend Best Left To NBA Players On The Injured List

    Suit jackets with three or more buttons.

    Style Resolution Going Forward

    Try and be less fat all the time.


    paid off one-and-done freshmen = depth?



      Actually a pretty decent idea for a post over on the main site. Perhaps you could make the suggestion to Joe.



        Maybe you need to stock up your fridge with something other than wifebeaters

        Yeah that's the beer snob in me talking.



          Hahah ... I'm mostly a gin drinker, pretty easy to please when it comes to beer.



            If you like Belgian beers try Duvel. I had it in Brussels and it was excellent.



              What wifebeater drinks Stella?

              Depending on where you live, you can get some great Belgian style craft beers. Damnation from Russian River and Pranqster from North Coast brewing are few of my favorites found in multiple states.



                Give me a good Nut Brown or Porter any day (Chocolate, Vanilla or Coffee)



                  @pdx_nate: it's a UK thing...



                    with jordan on this one. unless its 90 degrees out, then I'm with kittiwake



                      @hornsup84 Huh, still nice to learn some new things even after being in the industry for 6 years.



                        The Lindsay Lohan reference is getting a run for its money! She has tested sober for a few months now... Who is the next best train-wreck?



                          Seems like a great idea for Joe. If I recall he has done a Best of the Year/Mid Year before.



                            @ Jordan - Had some great nut brown beer while I was in Hawaii... Koko Brown from the Kona Brewing Company, a nut brown brewed with toasted coconut. I don't even like coconut that much but the beer was delicious. I think I might pick some up at my local liquor store but I hear that the stuff sold in the Mainland is brewed in California and inferior in quality.




                              @BenR: That sounds just fantastic. I'll definitely be on the look-out for that.