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Where to go for (slim) shorts?

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    Where to go for (slim) shorts?

    I'm a rather slim guy. Where's the go-to place for shorts this summer? (LEC has some nice options, but not looking to spend $50. Gonna wait for a sale on those...)

    Thanks in advance!


    I've heard nice things about JCrew, but I'm in a similar situation myself. Everything is so expensive!



      To be honest, I think you should be prepared to pay about $40-60 for shorts if you want them to fit just right. Maybe later in the summer you can get them at a discount. Your cheap options like Target and Old Navy will have a baggy fit.


      J Crew:



      Banana: 02

      I got some BR chino shorts back in February with a 40% off coupon. Just ordered the Bonobos navy Kneersuckers with a code and coupons.

      If you see some ~9 inchers for cheaper let us know!



        ^ pretty good list from Jose.

        I got some at Gap last year for around $30 I think (probably on sale) and I love them



          I had gotten some from LEC last season while on a big sale. I liked the way they fit so much that I took most of my other shorts to my tailor and asked her to have them match the LEC ones. She was able to slim them and match the shorter length with no problem. It may have cost me $10-$12 per pair.

          This could be another option if you are able to find something at a good discount, and then just have it tailored. It's been working for me, and I come out on top.

          The new shorts offered by Target may be a good candidate.



            I wouldn't be very usefully in this thread. What most people consider baggy would fit me just right.



              I would try some department stores: JC Penny, Kohls, Sears, etc.

              Shorts in the "Young Mens" will be the same waist size but slimmer in the legs and thighs.

              If that fails - JCrew, Banana Republic or Express will probably meet your needs - but be prepared to pay a premium



                I just picked up a pair of tailored fit Merona shorts from target. They actually have a really nice fit and the price was right. They look like pale red chambray. Alan, they may (may) work for you, my legs are about an inch smaller than yours based on the measurement you posted awhile back.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  I'll echo what Jose said: I just got the GAP 8" chino and navy colored shorts and they fit great. 25% off with code 'GAPSUN' puts them at $30 a pop.



                    So I know it's great to hate on Hollister/Abercrombie, and I totally hate their branding/polos/ripped jeans/corny selection/loud music... but I think they MAY be OK with shorts? They don't seem to be making those super baggy cargo shorts any more, and are moving to the current trend of short bright colored shorts. They're about $20 at Hollister today, and come in all the colors. Might be worth a shot? I'll let you guys know if I can brave the smell of the store.




                      Those Hollister shorts actually don't look too bad. Non-cargo and they're not ripped or have seagulls all over them like the rest of their clothes.