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Finally got suede bucks (sort of) - now hwat to wear with 'em?

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    Finally got suede bucks (sort of) - now hwat to wear with 'em?

    Disclaimer: This is my first spring/summer as a Dappered man, and I'm not afraid to admit what I don't know, which is a lot, according to my wife!

    Anyhow, I've been looking for suede bucks for summer for a while now, and a couple weeks back, I picked up a pair of white-on-white nubuck AE saddles off ebay (close enough). Being over a decade old based on when they show up in AE catalogs, they've gone from true white to more of a stone color, which I really like. My only problem is figuring out what to wear them with. Last week, I wore them in to work with a pair of light chinos, a button down and navy blazer, and felt like they matched my pants so well that my legs just blended into my feet, and thought it looked kinda goofy. Then again, maybe I was just uncomfortable because I was doing something new and unusual. Either way, no confidence = outfit doesn't work. Am I way off track, or doing it right?

    What are my options until shorts season rolls in? Dark wash jeans, rinse and repeat?



    Jeans of all kinds would work. The other thing that's happening is that you're drawing attention to your feet by having much lighter shoes than your pants. Which is fine - you want to show off the shoes.

    If you want the shoes to be more subtle, you can pair them with pants that will blend better with the shoes. The hard part with that, though, is it's a fine line to match them properly.

    Some evening, I would try pairing them with every pant you own just to get a sense of how they work together.