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New blazers at BR

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    New blazers at BR

    A 30% off coupon in my email this morning (code: BRBREAK) fortuitously sent me to Banana Republic, and much to my surprise I spotted 2 new blazers that are going to go quick once the Dappered crew spots them.

    Linen, patch pocket, micro check (blue) 02

    Cotton, glen plaind (taupe) 02

    Sizes on the linen are going fast. Sorry if I'm blowing up anyone's spot by posting these. Don't forget to use ebates for an extra 2% back.

    If BR keeps dropping stuff like this, they will be unstoppable in next year's Store Wars.


    Man, retail is so expensive, even on sale. Thrifting and eBay has ruined me for this stuff.



      I know what you mean, JC. I still expect to pay retail for shirts and pants, but thrifting is killing me for retail blazers and ebay is killing me for retail shoes.



        I'd be tempted with the 30% off if i weren't saving for a seersucker suit. I really like the linen one, despite the elbow patches. The only reason i can stand them is because they aren't a different color.



          @Jordan: At the risk of hijacking this thread, have you seen this seersucker suit?

 01&productId=357140&catalogId=10050&ddkey=http:Ref erralView

          Yes, it's from Jos A Bank, but is it really something you're going to wear often? I figure there's no reason to pay top dollar for a specialty cotton suit.



            Well I am really wanting the Bonobos navy seersucker suit. If I can hit the right coupon and get it for right at 300 or less i'd be pleased.

            I actually work with a guy who wears (well tailored) JaB suits and they look fantastic on him.



              @Jordan -- just ordered and received the navy Bonobos suit. it's pretty badass. I'm lengthening the sleeves, but otherwise it fit great out of the box. Very excited for summer fridays and weddings now.



                Hornsup - As good as it looked in the pictured I suspected as much! Throw up some pics of it if you get a chance.



                  I'm a big fan of BR tailored-fit sports jackets. It's the best thing the store offers.

                  But their lack of inventory on their Website is ridiculous.



                    @jordan -- yeah, their new suit fit (they changed the chest apparently?) definitely made it better for me (I'm less skinny / more former-athletic build than most on this forum). their older suits didn't work for me. It's definitely a shorter jacket / slimmer lapels / more fashionable look than I usually wear, but I think that's perfect for the look.

                    I'm not a huge photo-poster, and my bathroom apparently has terrible lighting for photos... so this is all you get (linked only, even):


                    Getting the sleeves lengthened when I head to the tailor (looks like it has enough fabric to get a bit out of it), but otherwise, I'm a fan. Pants look a little funky in the picture, but that's from being folded up in the box. The buttons are sort of an iridescent darker shell that's pretty cool in person and more like the color in the Bonobos stock photos -- they apparently caught a lot of the flash in my photo.



                      awesome! almost all jackets have way too long sleeves on me so maybe this will come alrigh for my arms. I can't wait to get one. I have several summer events lined up, and I think it will be perfect.



                        I like both of them but already picked up two nice ones from them with the recent F&F event (50% off).

                        I'd like to see that blue one in person though to see how blue it really is. Snap some pics when you get yours for us.



                          Just got both of these in. I highly recommend them both - I am going to be wearing the hell out of them this spring and summer. I know sizes are almost gone in each, so if you're on the fence about it buy now. I'll try to post pics later.



                            They didn't have the blue one at my BR yet. Will check them again Wednesday when the next 40% off hits.



                              i still don't understand the point of a fully lined linen jacket?