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    High School Reunion

    So this May I have my 10yr high school reunion. Was going to go with a navy suit with a light blue shirt with a super thin (like if you're more than 10 ft from me you cant see them thin) burgundy and white stripe pattern..... now the question is, would a burgundy tie/pocket square be too much?

    The school colors are burgundy and light blue, but would that also be super cheesy to do? I'm pretty committed to the shirt and suit, but just need some help on the tie/pocket square. sp%3Ftarget%3Dburgundy%26btnTemplateSearchFormSubm it%2Ex%3D0%26btnTemplateSearchFormSubmit%2Ey%3D0 2Easp%3Ftarget%3Dburgundy%26fr%3D71%26searchType%3 D

    Feedback or insights, positive or negative, are appreciated....thanks!


    Are you sure a suit is appropriate? My HS reunion was pretty casual



      To be honest, I really don't know.....being as I've never been to a reunion before I'm going by what I saw on the high school reunion episode of every TV show ever made.

      Also, all-male school....which I guess that casuals it down a bit.

      My HS hasn't done much clarifying...



        I haven't hit my 10-yr yet, but I would hope that a suit would be appropriate. That being said, I imagine a suit at any HS reunion will make you stand out in the crowd, as I'm sure that a vast majority of people won't be wearing them.

        I'd actually think that it being an all-male school might actually dress it up more, assuming it was a preppy private school to begin with, but I guess YMMV.



          Also, locale can determine dress. Mine was at the local racetrack/casino. I knew getting super dressed up would be bad.



            I wouldn't say a suit is a no-no, but it is the top of the clothing hierarchy at a reunion.



              Reunions can be highly variable. You could really wear whatever you want. What's the worst case? You won't see them for another 10 or 15 years.



                Burgundy in the tie or pocket square sounds great, but not both. They should complement, not match. Having some of the same colors is of course fine, but that square is solid and the stripes on that tie are pretty small, so it's a LOT of red going on there. I'd recommend changing up one or the other.

                The tie looks good and is sure to go with navy suit/light blue shirt, so I might consider changing the square first. A safe option if you want to match is square to shirt. I personally like white pocket squares, with a bit of a border in either red or blue to catch the eye. Do a tv fold with the border up instead of a big poof.

                Or something else that isn't too red but still complementary. Yellow would be a hail mary play but the color wheel suggests it could be pulled off - red tie, blue shirt, yellow square is triadic. It might be a bridge too far for me personally but if you've got a yellow handkerchief already, it's worth trying out for the mirror. Pocket square is where you want to get adventurous if that's what you're into.

                If you want to stick with the burgundy pocket square, you should change up the tie to something like this. Complementary but not too matching: yPages%2FAll_Ties%2Easp&pg=0&categoryIds=31,12,16, 24&optionValueIds=1

                And of course you should wear a suit to the reunion. At least nice trousers and blazer if not a full-on suit.



                  What school did you go to? Just curious, also an alumni of an all guys high school.



                    xavier high school in NYC, i think its being held at the school.....the older people reunions (25 and 50 years) are at nicer places, wasnt really like a supper preppy elite school, but it was private



                      and @alex, thanks for the advice!



                        You don't have navy blazers with the school's crest on the breast? For shame.



                          My 10 year reunion was at the beach. Everyone was wearing shorts.