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    I have a pair of crocodile oxford dress shoes that are my absolute favorite shoes to wear to work. I once had a patient tell me that she can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear, and she knew we would get along because I had great taste in shoes. She wanted me to tell her husband that letting her buy expensive shoes would be good for her



      @Deke - My tortoise New Wayfarers are a close second for me, too. So what if everybody has them? Everybody has them because they're ridiculously awesome sunglasses! Plus, once everyone gets Persols (no offense, JC! ), the New Wayfarers will be special again.



        @ Alan - My face might just have to make its Dappered Threads debut to show off these new specs....




          Hmmm at the rate I keep pushing for people to try the merona blazers they are probably becoming my signature piece lol.



            My signature piece used to be my flip flops. Then I joined the working world. :-P



              Deke - did you win the Neumoks? How did you come across them? =D




                Definitely the same for me in college. If it was over 50 degrees, I considered it flip-flop weather.


                Haha, in fact i did. They're not something I probably ever would have purchased, but I went for the blue leather, and man they are sharp.



                  Almost any weather can be flip-flop weather...if you are dedicated enough. I have a love/hate relationship with socks and shoes. I wish I could go barefoot or wear sandals most of my day, and only have to dress up for events and to go out.



                    My signature piece, or at least feel good piece, is my watch styled after the no guard/big crown submariner on a nato strap as seen in the early James Bond films. I always hear the theme music play in my head as I strap it on. I'm not sure that's really a signature piece since people hardly notice your watch and I do wear other watches, but it's my favorite piece to wear.



                      My signature piece is my Rose Gold Uniform Wares 200 series watch: 914c9cb52652f5c8d48f6fe44f6b5

                      It's a bit different, but I absolutely love it. I received it as an 18th birthday present, and I've gotten aboutt 50 compliments on it since I got it (last April), absolutely no joke.