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    Mine would have to be my Ray Ban Clubmasters. They get tons of compliments. My buddy and I wear our Ray Bans (my clubmasters and his wayfareres) to our parties and everyone loves them. Problem is everyone wants to try them on, so you have to be careful.



      @ Nick, The clubmasters are sooo freaking smooth, its not even funny, been looking to get a pair for a while...but the wife has put me on a no spend diet lol...

      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



        @ Max, I love the 50's/60's style to them (I've got the tortoise shell frame). The thing is that they only look good on some people (they look goofy on my friend for example). Making them oh so much rarer to see. If you haven't done so aleady, I highly suggest trying them on at a Sunglass Hut. Also check places like Amazon for good prices. I paid the full $155 for them (I just had to have them) when you can get them for ~$100.

        If you're looking for a loophole to your wife's spending diet, Ray Ban also has an optics collection. If you wear glasses (and have good insurance), the insurance will pay for them...



          Sunglasses are fantastic for signature style. They can be tame enough to be classy, but your friends start to notice how sleek and good they look on you. I have a pair of these: from Frye that I like with my jeans. They are nice pretty unusual in the outdoor broken style mixed with a traditional sneaker shape.



            Nice move on the RayBans. I swear by the polarized brown RB sidestreets myself.

            Signature piece? I guess I have a few. My Frye motorcyle boots for one. Don't think eccentric harley screaming eagle logos. My Fryes are black, square toe, 8inch black boots with a single ring bridging the harness.

            I find I can range them from jeans and T-shirts to flat front, no cuff khaki polo. With the pants leg covering the majority of the boot the part that sticks out is just enough to be bold and noticeable without being too much. Its like they have the personality of cowboy boots without the eccentricity. I like the all American look with a bit of an edge. I'm 6'2" 220, and pretty athletic, so with nice jeans, a fitted polo, and my leather jacket, the boots just tie it together perfectly. (especially if I am actually riding that day)



              My signature piece is my blue Oxford Cloth Button Down (OCBD).



                Let's revive this thread for spring 2012! What do you think will be your signature piece this season?

                I think mine will be my leather jacket, as it is every spring and fall. I inherited it from a much-loved uncle, and since it was made in the 80s and is well-worn, it's got a pretty unique look. It can be dressed up or down, goes with everything, and is kind of a synthesis of my personal style - 1 part urban, 1 part rugged, 1 part classic.

                How about you guys?



                  Have to say my herringbone, broken-in J. Crew driving hat. Bought it vintage.


                  And my mocs.



                    Still not sure, but I'm thinking navy blazer... I've got 3 now. I think I'm gonna go a little more casual too, more shirt and blazer without the tie and polos with blazers. Definitely more color.



                      Ask me in the fall. =)

                      I can say this past winter it was my UO Hawkings McGill tweed vest or the thrifted cashmere Arnold Palmer navy blazer with brass buttons. And the AE Daltons. It was a good year.



                        I usually feel pretty comfortable with casual summer style (being 25 helps that as well). Shorts, polos, light button downs, the occasional T shirt (usually plain v-neck).

                        This summer I see my signature pieces being my suede blue Oak Streets and INC ultralight blazers worn casually with polos.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                          I'm not sure that I really have a signature piece. Back in high school or college I had signature pieces, simply because I would wear the same pair of shoes almost every day, or the same jacket. These days I like to keep a pretty good rotation, and I'd like to think I keep a good mix of casual and formal-ish looks throughout the week. My tie clip is probably one of the few things that I wear regularly, and people definitely notice it and comment on it, so maybe that?

                          I should be getting in my awesome new glasses tomorrow... perhaps those will become a new signature.




                            I'm struggling to really pick one thing. I'd have to say my New Wayfarers probably get some of the most comments. I have a black pair, but I'm probably going to pick up a tortoise pair in the future too. Unfortunately I don't really get to wear them the majority of the day given I work in an office.

                            Though I did find myself with a pair of blue AE Neumoks recently...



                              I can't wait for my Persols to get here this week... Still gonna get my Raybans fixed, but the Persols are gonna be my go-to I think (hopefully they fit like I think they will)



                                @BenR: Not like we'll ever see them. You never show your face. ;-)