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Today's Thrusday Handful (5/19/16)

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    Today's Thrusday Handful (5/19/16)

    I wanted to touch real quick on the "Club Blazer" from Bonobos mentioned in the post. I've touched on this before on the threads and it's great to see it's being recommended

    I own this blazer and I'd like to give my review--if Joe and you all will have it:

    This blazer is my primary casual blazer/sport coat option now. I hands-down love this blazer

    The blazer is indeed a cotton mesh and is unlined, except for the arms (no lining at all in the torso)

    It does have one interior pocket directly behind the chest pocket

    Like 99% of blazers, the side pockets come sewn shut--no big deal

    This blazer breathes very well and sits very nicely on the shoulders and in the length for me (5'9", 175lbs, Size M)

    The sleeves are non-functional which made tailoring a breeze. The sleeves are super long right out of the box, but $13 at my tailor and it fits perfect

    I have last year's model and it looks like the only change made was it going from single-vent (what I have) to side vents and the logo mentioned in Joe's post is very inconspicuous. The buttons are a silver color and add a nice touch of contrast and I really like the fact the buttons are not gold

    If you're in warmer/humid climates I'd highly recommend picking up one of these and utilizing it for warmer weather occasions/visiting the 19th hole after a round on the links

    I will say the weave/texture of the fabric gives it the appearance of some weight and I feel would also make a great layering piece for cooler months as well

    I've also received a lot of compliments when I've worn the coat, in and out of the office

    That's all I can think of at the moment. If you guys have any questions, please let me know and I'll do my best to answer