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    Hugh and Crye sale

    Does anyone here own a shirt from Hugh & Crye? They have a sale going on now with these slick looking plaid shirts for $39. I was thinking about picking up the purple and green ones for some colorful spring shirts. What are your general thoughts on this brand?

    I love their website and their fit guide is unique and helpful. They seem to place a premium on making well fitting shirts.

    Spread collar button-downs

    Hugh & Crye


    Cool website never heard of them. Good deal too. I would also appreciate any feedback.



      Was about to post this as well. They seem like Bonobos for the upper body. Anybody with first-hand experience?

      First thing I looked for was where the shirts are made. I admire their honesty and effort. More here:

      $39 for a supposedly well-fitting shirt made of Italian 2-ply yarn sounds like a decent deal to me.



        Hope someone with experience chimes in. 47$ is a little more than I like to spend on a shirt but I really like that orangey one.



          "All you have to do is find your body type"

          If you're in the Short and Skinny category, that weight range is quite large: 125-160 lbs.

          Looks like that shirt would take a trip to the tailor if you're on the low end.



            I have a 16.5" neck with a 44" chest (180lbs) so I imaging the Average/Athletic category should fit me perfectly. I actually think there is a good amount of size variation to choose from to get a good fit unless you are extremely tall/short or skinny/fat



              Their office is right around the corner from me and they seem to welcome visitors. If anyone is interested I can take a field trip and report back.

              Dress for style, live for results.



                Tomservo - Most help would be to give us your exact measurements, try on what you think the best fitting shirt would be and report back (with pics). We can make our adjustments to what size to order based on that.

                Just sayin



                  I called today to get some sizing tips (I'm a 34 waist with 15.5 neck and 32/33 sleeve length, so I'm a short/slim) for their Merckx and Senna shirts and Philip provided a lot of good information on the shirts and more. I really enjoyed the time he took. It made me want to support small business even more.

                  I'll try to post back when I get the shirts.



                    Weren't they in a montage for that American Express small business commercial?



                      guiltybystander- Have you received your shirt yet? I think I would be in the same size as you, so I wanted to see how you like it. Also, how tall are you?



                        Decent selection of shirts there, but I've met the owner at a bar in DC. He's an asshole, so pretty sure I'll never buy anything from them.



                          Whoops, just saw this again. Sorry. I had to return the shirts since the fit was way too tight in the chest (like a 38 and I wear a 40). Shame too, since they were on sale for $39.

                          @Zerostyle: The guy I spoke with (Philip) seemed to be a pretty responsive gentleman. Was that the guy you encountered?



                            guilty - which size did you get?



                              @Jordan, I got the Short/Slim based on the conversation I had with Philip prior to ordering. I think they've tweaked the sizing a bit since I last ordered (6 months ago or so), so I would be an Average/Slim now with everything but the sleeve length. I'm a 40R, 32/33, 15.5.

                              It's a lot of trial and error, but I'd be willing to give them a go again for the right price.

                              Size Chart: