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Need new clothes for out-patient clinical rotations

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    Need new clothes for out-patient clinical rotations

    I will be starting clinical rotations for family nurse practitioner school in July and need some new clothes. I currently work in an ER, wear scrubs to work and dress pretty casual when I'm not working. Any suggestions on some good shirts, trousers, shoes, etc. to get me started and looking more professional for my clinical rotations in outpatient clinics? I live in Arizona where it will be 100+ and I will be on my feet examining people most of the day.

    These are the nicest items I currently own, aside form my wedding/funeral suit. All of which fit well, for reference. Not sure how appropriate any of it would be in a doctor's office setting:
    -Charcol Ministry of Supply aviator Chinos.
    -Light blue Wool & Prince merino shirt.
    -White Grant-Fit Non-Iron Birdseye Shirt from Banana republic.
    - Dark brown Sebago Men's Brattle Oxford shoes.

    I have been considering this stuff:

    -Plain Front Tailored Fit Year'rounder Wool Dress Pants
    -Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit Herringbone Dress Shirt

    I've been reading old dappered posts on shoes, but really don't know what direction to go. Or even if I should be wearing brown or black or some of each. I see a few poor-man's strand/5th ave/Park Ave. options that look nice in this post.

    And since I won't be wearing a tie, or at least I don't think, is a button-down collar more appropriate?

    Thanks in advance for your help.