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    Indochino Diplomat Feedback

    Hey Dappers,

    I just got my tweed navy-check suit from Indochino, the Diplomat. I'm looking for tailoring suggestions. To me, there's a lot wrong with it, but I can't quite put my finger on it. The material is quite nice, but in typical Indochino fashion (ha ha), it feels droopy and unstructured. It also looks a bit 'off'.

    My thoughts,

    - Jacket is too long. Looks like an old man cut. It covers my butt and then some. Definitely not a Ludlow lookalike.

    - Button stance is too low

    - Shoulders are too big

    - Too much room in the body. My Ultimate Grey did the same thing, but after having it taken in, the lapel does a funky roll now.

    Do you think it can be saved? I'm not even sure which measurements should come in by how much. I'm tempted to just scrap it and ask for a full refund. It's a nice material and definitely unique, but I'm not sure I could pull it off in my corporate law firm work environment (even though we are corporate hipster).



    Arms out

    Comparison with an unaltered, off-the-rack 42L Boss


    I think jacket length is fine, but once the butt is covered, jacket length becomes more about personal preference. A bit hard to tell from the front shot because the camera is aimed downward.

    Definitely too much room in the torso of the jacket. Sides and back need to be brought in and cleaned up.

    While the shoulders are a touch too wide, what alarms me is the odd bunching/wrinkling on top of the shoulder pad. They also look oddly sloped. Not sure what could be done about that, as reshaping the shoulder pad is pretty extensive and iffy work if it's a problem with the pads.

    I would personally not try to save it, but it depends on your financial situation, really, and how committed you are to Indochino. Trying to save a piece that you really want to like usually turns into a money hole that you'll never really feel comfortable wearing. However, if you do eventually get it looking right, you'll have a better chance of getting your measurements right the next time you order from Indochino.



      Thanks for the feedback. For reference, I'm 6'4" and 210lbs. I've had my measurements triple-checked by a few different people, so they're accurate in that regard - the fact that the suit didn't come out right is Indochino's fault. Definitely not committed to suit; rather I got suckered in by the lure of sweet voluptuous tweed.

      I should add that apart from how it looks, what really alarms me is how it feels - it's like the suit is totally unstructured. Not good. So much for Indochino's 'improvements'.



        Every company has a different idea of what a 40R is. That being said, I think the shoudlers on this are more than a a tad too big.

        And, if a suits shoulders don't fit, the whole jacket won't fit. Unless you can get your shoulders to grow, I'd suggest returning for a smaller size. the 42L Boss shoulders hit perfectly, but that doesn't mean a 42 in Indochino will as well. *shrug* it just happens.

        Then again, there are plenty of guys who won't notice this, who wear a suit more ill fitting than this, and thus you can rationalize to yourself that it is okay.

        Food for Thought