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Summer in the South

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    IMO shorts are fine as long as they aren't baggy, hit above the knee, and don't have extra pockets. Think preppy. Pair them with cool shoes. They're not for work/business though - they are for the beach, going to the coffee shop, the weekend, touring the countryside in your volante with the top down, etc...

    This year my summer casual outfits I am focusing on keeping the cool colors and patterns up top. Madras, plaid, stripes, and textured linen for my shirts and basic, solid colors for my chinos and shorts. This doesn't draw as much attention to the shorts and looks pretty classic, as opposed to the madras and plaid shorts that are popular and scream look I'm wearing shorts. Then I'm pairing that with interesting shoes like Purcells (with leather laces), alligator loafers, suede loafers, driving mocs, or boat shoes.



      These look really nice... wait for a sale:

      @Cameron I grew up north of Athens, GA... Several people on here are from the south or live there now



        I think the Style Blogger needs more stuff on this wrists.



          @Jason You a dawg?



            LOL I am. My dad was also a professor there.



              ...meh...I'm a Tech grad (don't worry, I'm not one of those bitter ones. I'm alright with your kind



                @Jason - atta boy. thats pretty cool- what did he teach?

                @deke - thanks for not being a bitter hostile kind haha



                  Physical Chemistry



                    I live in DC, so not really "the south" but it's hot as hell and swamp-like in the summer. The best thing I've found is talc/body powder in the underwear. Sounds weird but it makes a hot humid summer day 100% more enjoyable. You'll be dry and cool all day. They even make manly scented ones like Balla and Man Powder.

                    If you're going sockless, put some in your shoes as well.



                      I live in Kansas, where we see many 100+ degree days in a summer. My summer wardrobe is pretty basic. I don't have a job, currently (last semester of grad school), so pretty much everything I wear is for casual use. Gray deck sneakers or desert boots, jeans or chinos, sport shirt or t-shirt/henley. These effectively constitute my summer wardrobe. Sleeves are always rolled, never roll my pant legs. Almost never button the second button on my sport shirts and I never button anything on my henleys. Just got a pair of knaki shorts that fit, so those will be used. I don't have a light-weight sport coat or sweater that I like yet, so I don't really do any layering.

                      On the topic of the linen sport shirts from BR I have a couple that see pretty heavy use in the spring and summer. I sized down, but they still aren't trim enough for my taste. Luckily, they look "breezy" if they are light-weight and aren't that fitted. They are stock from two summers ago, I think. Linen falls much differently than cotton, so you should see if you like how it acts before investing in a whole wardrobe of the stuff.