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    Kenneth Cole Reaction suit

    Looking to buy a different color suit for a vacation what do you guys think? I've heard some bad things about KCR:


    It's synthetic, so I imagine it would be pretty unpleasant to wear in warmer weather, and might have a bit (or a lot) of a sheen like some polyester-blend suits have. For my money, I'd only buy a poly-blend suit if it were dirt cheap, fit great off the rack, wasn't shiny, was a solid navy/grey (I'm not into pinstripes), and I planned on using it as a "beater" suit. This suit wouldn't qualify for me, and honestly for another $100 you could find a 100% wool suit if you check sales frequently. There's also thrifting, but that's always going to be hit-or-miss.

    Edit: I see you specifically mentioned a vacation, do you definitely need a suit? If you just want to dress it up a bit, for $100 I'd opt for a nice cotton or wool sportcoat instead, which should be easier to find.



      Regular KC stuff is crap. KCR is crappier. I would say if you are on a budget, save up a little more and get the JCrew Factory suit. I was at the JCrew Outlet this weekend and they had a nice Navy blue suit that was 100% Wool and it came out to about $200. The fit on the Jacket was excellent. I couldn't get it because they didn't have the pants in my size. They don't seem to carry it online yet either. They also had some really nice cotton suits.

      By the way, KC shoes of all kind are the crappiest shoes ever made. But that's for another thread.



        Regarding the crap that KCR is considered and keeping "it if were dirt cheap, fit great off the rack, and wasn't shiny", would this tan/grey KCR sport coat from Macy's for $89.99 + tax fall into any of those "positive" categories listed by trash?

        I'm new to this game, new to the idea of wearing sport coats and blazers, and I don't have a tailor nor have I been to one to see what kind of things can be done to this sport coat.

        It's a 70% polyester/30% viscoe blend. My eye isn't trained to see "poly sheen" nor do I know how uncomfortable it would be in warm weather. I live in San Diego wear we get what's considered warm weather for maybe 4 months in the year and everything else is pretty pleasant.

        And if you're curious to know what sexy pants I'm wearing, those are Dockers D2 khaki pants. Don't they drape so wonderfully well? Hahaha...



          @Drew: Everyone is going to have their own opinions, but $80 is still too much for a synthetic jacket in my book. Then again, I've been spoiled by what little thrifting success I've had. Not to mention the fact that anyone whose willing to make a jacket out of polyester is quite possibly also willing to use less-than-awesome constructions methods.

          On January 1st, I unwittingly bought 2 synthetic suits from Dillards via their website. One was about $120 and the other was about $150. I returned them both as soon as they came in.



            @Alan: Thanks for the input. It's still hard for me to get an idea of what would be considered a great price for a blazer. Things like materials & brand affect the price and I'm at a loss to know if it's a good deal.

            $96 after tax for a KCR sport coat initially appears to be a good "deal" compared to an all-wool, Navy blue J. Crew Ludlow blazer for $365 + tax just in terms of money spent on a singlular item. And it seems to look better than the $70 Gap washed navy stripe blazer on sale for $69.99 (which I ordered and returned). Then there's the Lands' End oxford nailhead blazer for $24.99... On and on it goes

            I'm not yet at a place where considering the longevity and versatility of an item comes into significant influence when making purchases, though I've read enough over and over to know that it should. I've never bought clothes before intending them to be time-worthy staples so it's still new to me to pay a lot up-front for a quality item that will last longer and be cheaper than several inexpensive and poorly made options purchased over the same period of time.



              Synthetics just dont breathe well, they look cheap and will likely fall apart due to the construction methods used on them (basically what others have said).

              You can spend a little and look like you tried to look good but failed, or you can spent a reasonable amount and look great, like you spent way more than you did.



                @Drew, I agree that the jacket isn't great for the price. You can get cotton jackets (and even blends with >50% wool) for less if you play the sales. I've gotten decent jackets from the Gap, though I had to wait a while for a good looking design. BR on sale with %-off codes is a good choice as well. If you have a Nordstrom Rack nearby, it's worth scouring for the occasional deal. You might as well check H&M/Zara if you don't mind an inexpensive poly-blend jacket. And there's always Uniqlo if you live in NY or want to try Suddenlee - I was reasonable impressed by their Tasmanian wool jacket which I think was $100 at the time, and I'd take it over poly any day.

                One thing I've learned is that it's pretty hard to find good sportcoats for under $200 new, but it's north worth buying them cheap - I've got three or four jackets I bought on deep clearance, but I never wear them because they're just not that great of a look or fit. I would have been better off buying a single jacket in a staple color that looked great on me. Not saying you should step it up and drop $200 just yet, but just observing that it's sometimes easier to get your money's worth when you spend more.



                  Thanks for the info, im new to the "game" as well. I like the J. Crew factory suit that was on the main page but of course they dont have my size. I'd rather buy the suit just to add to my collection, I only have two right now, plus I have several sport coat blazers that just sit there and I don't another one collecting dust. Thanks for the answer though!



                    @Drew: Macy's certainly has their share of synthetics, but if you're after a blazer, then $100 isn't an unreasonable price to find something in 100% cotton or 100% wool on sale (depending on your needs).

                    I imagine that the Kenneth Cole sportcoat probably came from the Kenneth Cole section. Instead, check the suit section. In fact, check the sale/clearance racks in the suit section. (And avoid suit separates as a stand-in blazer unless you know what you're doing.)



                      I paid 85$ for an LL bean blue cotton blazer, and 120$ for the famous gray cotton blazer from BR. You can get 200-250$ blazers on the cheap if you stalk sales.



                        I was making a run to the mall at lunch time to do some returns and thanks to everyone's quick replies (and Macy's +30 days return policy, 180 days maybe?), I was returned $96.96 for the sport coat.

                        Thanks again for all the info on the prices and fabrics too. I'll stick to cotton, wool, or some blend of fabrics that don't consist of polyester & viscoe and keep my eyes on prices as I shop to get an idea of when a good deal really is a good deal.

                        According to a thread a week or two ago on pricing strategies used by retailers, I'll admit I was "duped" by the perpetual sales signs that Macy's seems to always have.



                          @Drew that was my problem I click sale and suits and see a $99 suit I tend to jump the gun and get a little excited