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    Custom cotton navy blazer

    I have around $400 to invest right now into clothing. My first option would be a custom suit. It's always great to have, but it's a miracle if I get to wear one once a year. The other option would be to add some more casual pieces to my regular wardrobe rotation.

    If I go with option #2, my priority would be a casual cotton (already have one in wool) blazer in solid navy. I'm pretty sure it would become my signature piece.

    As some of you know, my very slim frame is nearly impossible to fit. Made-to-measure would be a great option for me. I know Indochino had a cotton navy blazer, but they removed it.

    Non-custom options are accepted too, provided they have smaller sizes. As a reference, my linen H&M blazer in size 34 is a bit big (see here : ).

    Also, any advice about which option should I choose, other pieces (shoes (I'm a 6.5D by the way), shirts, etc) I could buy to go along or instead the blazer are appreciated.


    I'd say you should purchase some more casual items that you'll get to love and enjoy throughout the year, rather than a suit which you're saying you won't have much of an opportunity to wear.

    That's just $400 sitting in your closet collecting dust. If you don't need one this moment, you can always buy later.. What's the rush?



      Not only that, but if you go the MTM route, getting the blazer would be a good trial run to see if wherever you get it from does a good job. You would know for a future suit purchase (which is a bigger investment) if you were happy with them or not.

      Get what you'll get the most wear out of.



        Just some thoughts, hope they can be of some help:

        I am probably already preaching to the choir, but do you ever try shopping in the boys/young adult section? In my early 20s I lost a lot of weight and was about 5'8'', 135 lbs, 28 waist. I'm not sure if that is comparable to you or not, but I bought many blazers in the younger section of stores like Burlington coat factory. Often I'd shop in the husky kids section. Pants were hard to fit, for a complete suit, but blazers were pretty easy to find and I got all sorts of compliments on the fit (I did usually get them tailored). If I found a jacket as part of a suit that would work as a separate, i had no qualms about tossing the pants since kids suits are usually $100 and under.

        It seems to me like a cotton, navy blazer would be one of these things that would be easy to find and you could save your money for getting a nicer suit made down the line. I just glanced at J. Crew Crewcuts and it looks like it would be just slightly too small but there must be some options out there. (I am totally jealous of the cool blazers they have for kids, $80 for a wooster-esque camo sport coat make me want to have children)

        I see suit supply goes down to a size 35 - that may be a consideration.



          @nftmlk / @Focuspants : I was seeing the suit as some kind of insurance; if I need a suit, I'll have it.

          Good idea about the trial run, now I just have to find one. Most blazers I see are wool.

          @VespaMatt : My selection is somewhat limited locally, so I would have to shop online. I've seen a few suit separates in a couple local stores, but they usually are 100% polyester. Clothes for kids are usually cheaply made.

          The J.Crew line for kids is sadly too short. I'm guessing I would need a size 16, but they stop at 14. Lands' end offers a few options like the chino blazer, but I asked them about sizes, and shoulders on their largest size are 15.5", which is too small.

          I don't know where else to look.



            I think the chances where you're going to need a suit on very short notice are slim.



              You're definitely not the first guy to have this issue.

              Perhaps one of these:




              All of the Nordstrom options:

     pe=category&marketingslots=2&page=1&sort=featured& sortreverse=0&instoreavailability=false&lastfilter =filtercategory_1&sizeFinderId=13&partial=1&pagesi ze=100

              With suits included:




                Don't take this the wrong way, but have you tried some Boys' sizes? I found a Brooks Brothers boys size 16 navy blazer that measured out like a slim 36 or 34R:

                Brooks Brother's Boy's 16

                Shoulder seam to shoulder seam 16"

                Back from the BOC 26.5"

                Pit to pit 19"

                Waist at the first button 18"

                Sleeves from the top of the shoulder 22.5"

                EDIT: I guess I should have finished reading the thread... But yeah, Brooks Brothers boy's stuff is pretty good



                  I thought of Brooks Brothers too, but I did a quick check of their site and almost all their blazers for boys are predominantly wool. It sounds like Jessy is looking for cotton, or at least some sort of blend.



                    Try Gap maybe? I found this one:


                    but it's probably too small







                        @ColoradoGuy : Ah, forgot about Nordstrom ! Hmm, size 20 is for a height 64"-65" and a 32Ā½ waist ? That probably won't fit. I asked them for the shoulder measurement, they'll get back to me in a few days.

                        @Jason : I'll take a look at the BB, but I think I might need to size up on what you posted. Where did you get these measurements ?

                        Anyway, like ColoradoGuy said, they are mainly wool.

                        Apparently, I'm 13 years old by RL measurements. Nice. Not a fan of the 3 buttons, but other than this, the jacket might be perfect.

                        RL doesn't seem to ship outside USA, that might be a problem.



                          Where are you located, Jessy?



                            Alan, I'm in Trois-Rivieres, QC, Canada.



                              @Jessy, that's a wool navy blazer I picked up at a thrift shop and measured myself. I know people down in the 36 range on SF and thought it might be good for them.... a bit small though.