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  • Dapper styles for bigger guys

    I'm what my tailor refers to as a "generously proportioned gentleman" (gotta love the polite euphemisms for "chubby"). 5'10," 260 lbs, 40" waist, 50" chest, thick thighs and arms. Muscular, but pudgy. While Dappered has a lot of great information, many of the retailers that are heavily featured don't have many, or sometimes any options for anyone with greater than a 36" waist or a 46" chest. So to the bigger guys who are undoubtedly on here, where do you like to shop? Do you have any go-to brands for jeans, suits/sportcoats/blazers, and shirts?

    Obviously weight loss is the best solution to my problem, and that's a work in progress. But in the meantime, I'd like to avoid the pitfalls like shapeless, baggy jeans and jackets and shirts that fit in the shoulders but are too small around the waist. Any suggestions from guys in a similar situation?

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    I have similar issues, 6'2", 245 lbs. It's really hard, and lots of really interesting pieces are in much smaller sizes. Shoes are easy, but finding a nice patch pocket blazer has been a nightmare. I do custom shirts, and love it, so I do recommend that.


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      I've thought the same thing. Why oh why must J Crew Factory (and others, just the 1st that comes to mind) not make jackets larger than 46R or 48R. At 6' 250 lbs that just won't cut it. That being said, I did just pick up my Combat Gent modern fit (48R oddly enough) suit jacket from the tailor and am quite pleased with the results. I grabbed one of the clearanced Brooks Brothers OCBDs in regent fit that is fantastic. Lands End also gets a lot of time in my rotation for chinos and everyday shirts. I'd definitely feel the fat man squeeze on options more if my workplace wasn't a business very casual one

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        6'4", 300 lbs here. I'm a broad shouldered guy and am told i carry my weight well (people are often shocked to find out I weigh what I do), but yeah, I feel your pain.

        Jeans/Chinos: Old Navy and occasionally Gap. They off multiple different cuts and, for chino, colors in big and tall sizes. I'm a big fan of ON's slim fit pants.
        Shirts: L.L. Bean is my go to. I have probably 6 of their oxford cloth button downs in my normal rotation. They do the neck/sleeve measurements instead of m/l/xl. I also have a few sweaters and such from them.

        Unfortunately my style skews casual, so i don't really have any tips on jackets or suiting.


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          I'm not exactly on the slim end of the spectrum either (6', 230-something). I like straight fit Gap jeans (wait for a 30-40% sale from which they're not excluded), Nordstrom dress shirts and Lands End t-shirts, polos, casual button-downs and dress shirts. I've had some luck with tailored fit Lands End blazers and sport coats as well. If you know your measurements, LE's a great option as they post measurements for all of their garments online. Plus, you can pick up a lot of their offerings at steep discounts.


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            With a size like that your best option is custom for everything. I would say get a tailor locally to make you pants and a suit that fit well and that you like. Then send these to luxire and have them copy them. This will be the best bet but it won't come cheap. If you are planning to lose weight (BTW, diet and exercise are long term successful in 5% of people; if you don't see benefits after hard work, then consider more aggressive options), it may be worth it to hold off until you stabilize your weight. I am a bit heavy but not as much (same height about 60ish lbs less) and find suitsupply awesome for jackets and suits. If you can, try a jacket from them and see. However with your dimensions you may actually benefit from a more constructed jacket on the shoulders. Lands end, LL bean, Brooks Madison are decent options for pants and shirts. Then you will likely need to have them tailored a bit.


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     generally focuses on clothing that fits the editor, Joe. So, his recommendations are not always going to apply to you. As an alternative to custom clothing, you might want to consider Brooks Brothers traditional fit. Both options are expensive though. I would also give the department stores a shot (e.g., Macy's, Sears, JC Penney, and Nordstrom). I think Joe said he deliberately excludes department store offerings because the clothes are often too big for him.

              It's best to hold off buying clothes as much as possible if you are losing weight. Ideally you will reach a stable weight before you invest in expensive and high quality clothes. However, it's not a good idea to buy clothes that are too small with the intention of fitting into them later. I've made that mistake in the past.

              I recommend identifying one small change you can make (to both your clothing and diet), recording observations of how that change plays out in the real world (in a journal for example), and repeating the process over and over. Small changes, made slowly, will add up over time. I've personally found this to be the key to long term success. Good luck!


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                Originally posted by doomx View Post
                With a size like that your best option is custom for everything. I would say get a tailor locally to make you pants and a suit that fit well and that you like.
                I'm not as big as you guys (6'4", 225lbs, should be more like 205) but I frequently buying the largest size due to my height. With jackets I have gone made to measure and never regretted it. I go with the "buy less, buy the best" strategy which does make me a bit boring but the cheap stuff looks awful on me.

                My struggle is with low cut pants, as soon as those are done a decent tailor should take care of it.