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Rolling up tight Sleeves - Dress Shirts

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    Rolling up tight Sleeves - Dress Shirts

    Hi Guys,

    So I am a fan of rolling up my dress shirts when going for a night out, both button ups and button downs. I get all of them tailored and they fit beautifully.

    However, some of them are now a little tight when I try to roll them up like this

    They aren't unbearable, but just tighter than I would like to wear for a longer period of time. I assume some might stretch out over time. My weight also fluctuates a bit so losing a few lbs might help too.

    Other than, anyone got tips for managing? Can I ask my tailor to open up the slits a little more? Any other kind of sleeve roll that's similar that'll hold?


    Are you unbuttoning both the cuff and the gauntlet button? Or are you leaving the gauntlet button clasped?


      Unbuttoning the gauntlet button as well.

      Me thinks I maybe rolling them up a bit too much. I usually have it sit just above the elbow.


        Probably an little too high. I usually have mine sitting just below the elbow.