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Express Quilted Sleeve Cotton Racer Jacket

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    Express Quilted Sleeve Cotton Racer Jacket

    I like the look of racer jackets, and have been looking for a good one that isn't leather or faux leather (personal preference). I found one, but I have a question. Can I wear this jacket without people assuming I ride? I don't want that. I know that this specific jacket would be terrible for riding, but in general does the moto racer look belong to bike riders and women?


    sorry forgot to post a link


    I'll say that most people that are passionate about riding, in the same way that I am passionate about climbing, use gear or apparel that is specific to their sport.

    For instance, I have a pair of La Sportiva Sandals, Prana pants, Black Diamond shirts, etc.

    Those are all companies heavily involved in my circle I guess you could say.

    For instance, SnapOn. I saw a guy wearing those socks the other day, a BMW shirt and watched him get on his BMW bike. A GS...probably around 1200 or something by the size of it.

    So, to answer it in word, no. Very few people who ride bikes will confuse this express jacket with one actually worn by riders the world or country 'round.