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Men have a huge advantage over women

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    See, and I was thinking this was going to be about peeing off a fishing boat.



      I have to agree with Max that it costs less for women. Whenever I go shopping with my fiance, I am shocked at how cheap the RETAIL prices are for things, nevermind the sale prices. Because their wardrobe isnt neccessarily full of "staple" items, they rotate their clothes a lot more than we do, and they can afford to buy cheaper stuff that isnt of as high quality, because it gets way less wear.

      If the 2 of us walked into a store with $100 and shopped for what we liked, she could easily walk out with 4-6 pieces, while I will likely get 1 or 2 at most. Not only that, but a $30 dress she can buy, can look much better on her than a cheap $200 retail poly blend suit would look on you. Added to this, is the fact that they have 100x more options of places to shop at. I was at the largest mall in the Toronto area with her last week, and had a $50 gift certificate from christmas I was looking to spend. I had such a hard time finding anything, I ended up spending it all on colourful dress socks. There was literally NOTHING I wanted. I was trying to spend the money, and I couldnt.



        It depends where you're looking. To me, $50 at LEC or Marshalls can put together a shirt/pants/socks combo pretty quickly. We could go back and forth on this - BR had a sport coat I liked for $100, she bought a white Mad Men dress for $130.

        The simple fact that women's fashion changes more quickly and more dramatically is great for being able to express themselves, but it's just going to be more expensive to routinely replace your wardrobe. The richer or poorer you are will dictate how much you're spending to replace it. Wolves howling at the moon sweatshirt? Gucci handbags?



          I guess it depends... I've been overhauling my closet for spring just like a woman



            Canadian shopping is also horrendously expensive for men compared to the States. We literally have no sales. We dont have ANYTHING LE or LEC quality at that good of a price, we have to order online or go over the border. Women have it infinitely better here. If there are 100 stores in a mall maybe 5-10 will have mens stuff, and its basically always full price. Its probably a bit of my Canadian bias coming through in my thoughts on the matter.