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L.E.C 70% off in store.

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    L.E.C 70% off in store.

    The 70% is off already discounted prices in store.

    Sorry most of the links are gone for these products.

    I was able to pick up 2 shawl cardigans, 1 navy and 1 with large Grey and Navy stripes.

    2 pairs of this seasons cords

    and a nice blue button down

    for 75.00 that's 15.00 an item. again I apologize for the lack of links but if you know their products from the winter then you have a good idea what i'm talking about.

    Good luck in your store.


    I honestly didn't even know Lands End had stores. Sounds like some good deals though!

    Edit: Or do you mean Sears?



      Deke, I believe there are physical stores out there.

      Also I noticed some of the canvas items can be found on the regular LE website in the clearnce section. There are some deals to be had as it is the lowest price I have seen. I am still holding out until I get a coupon though.



        Are you talking about an actual Lands' End store or Sears?

        Ha, I didn't see Deke's comment--my bad



          I got a text from them today too:

          LE: Spring Sale @ Lands' End Inlets - up to 30% off select spring styles for the entire family.

          If you're looking for a Canvas store, here's the locator tool:

          I believe they're almost all in Sears. There's a standalone store in Madison, WI.



            Wow, I had no idea there were separate Canvas stores. That explains why the Lands' End section of my local Sears never has Canvas items :P



              My Sears had this deal. Picked up the waxed canvas jacket for around $50. Also a couple of chambray shirts for $10 each



                Inside sears there are lands end sections (maybe some, maybe all). The canvas one in my sears is very very small. few hundred square feet at the most.

                I skipped the sweaters and cords at 50 and 60% off but at 70% I couldn't resist. Thats with no coupon.

                Sometimes I do better on line with them and sometimes in store.



                  A few hundred square feet is very small?? Dude, I live in south-east Kansas. The Sears in town is appliances only, the closest Sears that has anything else is about an hour away with no Land's End items. According to the locator, there are only 3 stores in a 200-mile radius of me that carry LE items, they're all LE only, and they're between 110-130 miles away.

                  Especially considering the raging hard-on I have for LEC right now (I'm a college student with a part-time job; their sale section IS my wardrobe. Cyntia Dicker doesn't hurt, either.), I'd kill for a few hundred square feet.

                  But yeah, an extra 70% off...that's dope.