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Washing wool sweaters in front-loading washing machine?

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    I have thin merinos and use the gentle cycle on an LG front loader and lay flat to dry. Couple of times a year so far, with no issues. Mine are probably 4 years old and washed 8-12 times this way.

    i did also forget and dry one, turning medium into small.


      I think it does, to some extent, depend on the sweater as to whether washing in a front loader on gentle will be OK. I've done it on occasion but not regularly. The sweaters I've gambled on have, for the most part, come out in reasonably good shape. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY though - that will guaranteed shrink your sweater unless the washing instructions say it's OK.

      ut, one thing I've found that really limits the work associated with hand washing is Eucalan - it's a wool wash that's impregnated with lanolin (and they have other scents but the original was eucalyptus scent hence the name - a combo of eucalyptus and lanolin) that is no rinse. Fill a basin with cold water, add the appropriate amount of Eucalan, put the sweater in there, gently agitate by hand for a minute or so, and let it soak for 20-30 minutes, maybe agitating once or twice more. Then remove, squeeze out as much water as you can (I sometimes put the sweater in a collander and press down to squeeze out water, as you do not want to twist or wring). and then roll in a dry towel, to get more moisture out, and lay flat to dry. I use a mesh drying platform or wooden drying rack. No rinsing required - apparently Eucalan off gases as it dries. I find that getting traditional detergents like Woolite out of sweaters requires several rinses so avoiding those multiple rinses really cuts down on the work involved.
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