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Bill Cunningham's traditional French work jacket

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    Bill Cunningham's traditional French work jacket

    I'm in the market for a spring jacket.

    And I recently saw the Bill Cunningham documentary and really loved his "bleu de travail" - the traditional French work jacket: button-up twill featuring two patch pockets and one exterior breast pocket.

    I can only find these used on ebay or etsy mostly from foreign sellers.

    Anyone know of a decent facsimile that's relatively accessible in the states?

    i'll probably get murdered for mentioning it, but why not just throw a couple more buttons on a blue cotton blazer?

    this company seemed to, at one time, have the real thing, for $150

    looking into it a little more, you should go with a used one from etsy or something. they're like $60! probably a good deal. it would probably look more like actual work-wear if it's worn in a little bit. Bill C's seems like it's super worn, and therefore cool as crazy.




        Have a look at Put This On. This is their sort of stuff and I'm sure I've seen some versions mentioned every once in a while.


          Very good suggestions. Thanks fellas.


            Originally posted by Johdus View Post
            ...Anyone know of a decent facsimile that's relatively accessible in the states? ...
            Just look up "chore jacket." This is classic French workwear. It's a lot like a trucker jacket in the U.S. I hear it is going to be on-trend this spring and summer. Here's a few options.

            This one is a pricey and dressed up version:


            You just missed the 30% off sale at handeyesupply. They have a nice selection of more traditional Le Laboureur jackets made in France. Masons and carpenters wear these in France, with the color of the jacket indicating their trade.


            You can find some denim options at the end of this article:



              Very informative. Thanks Alex1.


                A French designer named Emile Lafaurie makes a nice one--they are carried in a set of stores called "Sean" in select US cities, and available lately online as well. I have a few different versions and wear them all the time.