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    Levi Trousers

    With the Levi sale coming up in an hour, I'm combing the website for options.

    I definitely want a pair of 514s. I have the 501s, and I've waited for a window with the 514s...this is it. Either getting a pair of the Raw Headbanger or the Hardcase Good & Plenty.

    The other appealing option is the 511 trouser. I think 511 is a little skinny and trendy for jeans (not that I don't own a pair of skinny jeans), but it looks great in twill. Dress pants should fit more closely to the body, and I think the twill fabric bridges that not-quite-dress pants gap quite well.

    I like the Raindrop twill (bright blue) especially. It sells in a 31x34, which is a rare size. That would fit the waist perfectly and give me a little length for a cuff.

    There aren't any flannel-lined jeans closeouts left, unfortunately. I'll have to jump on those lined 505s this fall.


    what's the essential difference between the two 514s? Also, the one on the left says Waterless. What does that signify?

    I'm quite the noob when it comes to denim and usually just pick one at macys or so.



      NC, I've tried on those Raw Headbanger jeans. Wanted to make a note that they're not all cotton (on the off-chance you didn't notice). They feel less like jeans and more like stretchy thick pants.



        I picked up the Tumbled Rigid and Silver Fox. The sale is now active.

        Sucks I had to pay tax though...I had no idea there was a Levi's store in my state.

        I like the Raindrop ones but i dont think its something I could pull off. If you know you can, i'd say go for it.



          I won't try to explain raw denim because I'm not very familiar with it:

          The Headbanger has the bee yellow stitching that offers a lot of contrast but draws attention to itself and looks more casual. I'm not a huge fan of since I'm really particular about matching colors, the yellow is one more thing for me to consider. Regardless, yellow stitching is a quintessential jean quality.

          The Hardcase has neutral stitching with a really flat-colored rinse to it. It doesn't have a noticeable cross-hatch pattern, etc. Very plain, very versatile. More formal when you want it to be.

          I'd like to have raw denim just to try it. So...the predicament.



            @Chareth - As in, being 2% Spandex? I've never tried them on, but it probably wouldn't bother me. I'm really not a picky person. One other strike against the Raw Headbanger is that I've got kids and routinely find myself puked on last night...coming home, saying goodbye to the babysitter, rolling up my sleeves, and dropping the trap on the bathroom sink.

            The Hardcase just looks like all my other jeans...I clearly tend towards the same thing.

            @Jordan - I live for the fun colors. =D



              @pratyk, "waterless" means they're made with "significantly less water" - eco-marketing thing.



                I have some Levi's 514 trousers and I love them. I probably wouldn't go with the 511 because my calves get strangled in skinny jeans but I like the raindrop color.

                I went to buy some Boys 514s but it seems they've been discontinued and replaced with a "slim" 513. Might have to try those out. The monochromatic stitching looks nice.

                Also, I wonder if the Boys 514s will be on sale at Macys, Marshalls, or Levi's outlet now that they're discontinued...



                  Sorry - forgot to answer the waterless question. Denim is normally a very water intensive process. As in, 400-500 gallons of water per pair. O_o

                  Pulled the trigger on the Raw Headbanger and the Raindrop.

                  And added the Sta-Prest 511s at the end. And some jeans for my daughter. Ended up ordering two of each so I can choose the best size and send the other back. Whoa...this is a big step for me.



                    Kopped the Blue Collar & Tumbled Rigid 514s..



                      If anybody wants a pair of gently used 514's in a stonewashed black, I have a pair I never wear anymore. I could send them to you for $20 on the east coast, maybe a bit more if you're out west. 32x32. Been washed 6 times probably.

                      I can't seem to embed any photo but leave your email and I'll send you some.



                        I actually have the 511's, purely because I have skinny legs and they fit really well (stay close to my leg without ever being skintight). They're not TOO skinny, so if you're on the slim side then I'd consider them.



                          I'm laughing at myself right now..

                          Here am I saying I didn't know Levis had a presence in my state...and their factory is in the city I live in! LOL



                            Got these in today. Loving the silver fox. I think its going to be pretty versatile.