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    Blank Label MTM shirts

    Gilt City is currently running a $120 for $60 promotion on Blank Label MTM shirts. Before I pull the trigger, i wanted to know if any of you own blank label shirts? if so, what are your thoughts on quality, customer service, etc? Thnks!


    I own 2. The quality of the fabric and construction of the shirt is solid. I wouldn't pay full price, but that kind of deal is worth it. Customer service is good. Not great, but good.

    I did have some Indochino-esque sizing issues with them (one of my shirts came completely wrong). They made a new one free and shipped it quickly free as well, though they were not entirely thrilled about doing so.

    All-in-all, I would buy more for a good deal, but am not overwhelmed by them.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      care to link us all to the deal



        here you go:



          I also have two shirts from them purchased through a previous deal similar to this one. I thought the fabric was great quality and all of the measurements were spot on other than the arms. For some reason they didn't ask (and I didn't think to include) the measurements for the bicep and the arms ended up being a bit wider than necessary. Small deal though and highly recommended.



            So I realize that while Blank Label shirts have mentions here and there and sometimes can be spied in WIWT photos, there wasn't a lot of content in a dedicated thread.

            Here's my Blank Label experience. I bought the Gilt deal almost one year ago (November 2011). I finally placed an order in January after I settled on fabrics and decided I'd done enough research to provide good measurements. Unfortunately, after I placed it, I learned they had run out of one of the fabrics. I put my order on hold until I found other fabrics. In apology, they offered a free pair of antiqued brass collar stays.

            I promptly forgot about this for months and continued to refine my measurements. I placed an order in late August and was told it would be about 4 weeks. Last week, I contacted them and asked about my order. I found out it had not actually been placed (since I had used a voucher and put an order on hold, I needed to order via email rather than on the website). The service rep was very apologetic and offered to deliver the shirt in 1 week and offered store credit as well.

            It arrived yesterday. This is the Charlie Dunst herringbone fabric.

            Close-up of fabric:

            I think the fit is pretty good overall. The materials that came with the shirt state that it is pre-shrunk.

            I provided them the following measurements:

            Collar: 15.75"

            Chest Width: 22"

            Sleeve: 34.5"

            Midsection width: 18.5"

            Shirt Length: 31"

            Shoulder Width: 17.75"

            I measured the shirt i received as follows - Charlie Dunst fabric, spread collar, French cuffs, side pleats:

            Collar: 16"

            Chest Width: 22.5"

            Sleeve: 35"

            MIdsection width: 18.75"

            Shirt Length: 31.5"

            Shoulder WIdth: 18"

            These are all pretty close and I suppose they could be within the margin of error. There is a little extra room in the collar and I think I might shrink the chest a tad. Other than that, I'm very pleased with the fit. I might even add darts (I wanted to see how slim it was first). The care instruction suggest that you wash and hang dry, so I don't think I will see much shrinkage.

            I am pretty pleased with the quality. The material feels good, although I'd say the fabric on my Ratio broadcloth end on end shirt was a little more substantial (that could just be the fabrics I chose). The stitching seems pretty good, though not perfect.

            They did include the brass collar stays which seem sturdy. One nice touch was that they threw in silk knots keeping the cuffs fastened during shipping. That was an unexpected throw-in.

            All told, I had some service hiccups, but I am satisfied with what the company offered to compensate me. And I do think the final product fits me well and seems to be good quality. I will order from them again because I have remaining store credit and will have my measurements dialed in shortly. When all is said and done though, I'm still not sure how worth it is for me to get MTM shirting when I can get OTR shirts that fit reasonably well and can be tailored for less than the costs of these shirts (or Ratio's for that matter).