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Measurements and suit size

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    Measurements and suit size

    I'm in the market for my first suit, and I just had my measurements taken. The results have me somewhat confused/worried:

    Chest: 32"

    Waist: 30"

    Outseam: 42.5"

    Neck: 14.5"

    Sleeves: 32"

    I'm about 5'11" and 140 lbs. If I'm interpreting these measurements correctly, my suit size is in most brands' XS range. I haven't actually been able to find a size chart that translates my chest/waist size into a jacket size; would it be a 32R or so?

    I'm actually hoping I'm completely misinterpreting this, as I have yet to find any retailers that sell suits that size. Am I completely hosed here?

    For the sake of comparison, I recently picked up the Merona Kensington jacket at Target. The Small was just slightly too large in the shoulders; I'm the only person that notices it. The waist fits really well, I doubt it could really even stand to be taken in at the sides much. Other than that, I tend to wear a Medium shirt, though I can wear Small without discomfort if I want a trimmer looking shirt.


    32" for a chest sounds pretty small to me. Who took the measurements? Sounds wrong to me. Do you have a tape measure?



      I'm 5 lbs heavier and 2 inches taller.

      You should be wearing Small shirts, but it might take some adjusting (mentally). Almost all Mediums are 15.5 in the neck, meaning that you're giving yourself a whole extra inch of collar gap that you want to avoid. Smalls are perfect for you, especially slim fit ones, because the neck is 14.5 and the sleeves are always 32 or 33.

      For a jacket, I agree with Scooter that your chest measurement sounds small. It should be measured at the widest part, usually across the nipples and always over the shoulder blades. I'm 36.5 and wear a 36R or 38R depending on the brand, usually needing tailoring no matter what I buy.

      Even if your chest measures 32, your shoulders may be requiring a larger size. I would walk straight into an H&M and try on a 34R. They have a huge selection of them and sell pant separates which you need since you have a 2 inch drop between chest and waist sizes.

      For further reading, try this:



        Thanks for the quick responses! Unfortunately, I live in the middle of nowhere (south-east Kansas), so I can't simply walk to a retailer and try on sizes. The closest Macy's is an hour away, everything else that might be in the vicinity is 2.5-3 hours away. At some point in the near future, I'll need to make a sojourn out to Wichita or Kansas City.

        I do have a tape measure somewhere around here, but not any body tape. The woman who took the measurements was in a tuxedo rental shop that mostly caters to the high school prom crowd. I though I heard her say something about a 35 at some point; it's possible she wrote down the wrong number. I thought it sounded low as well.



          If you have a tape measure at home, you could have someone else take a chest measurement to double check it. Or, take a trip to Macy's and get measured again there if that's the closest place with suits.



            You can get a free tape measure from Indochino, but I never received mine. Try here:

            Or get a tape from Amazon: <-- buy one for yourself, share the other 5 with friends!

            One of these days, I would make a trip to Macy's to try on suits. No rush - when you're able to make a trip, just set aside an hour or two and try out a bunch of options. Then you can feel more confident buying online. Before you go, be sure to read up on suits, fabrics, styles, etc. It will help narrow down your search.

            I bet you would really like this article too:



              Those measurements look odd.

              I'm 5'9 / 160lbs, and my chest is around 37". I'd be really surprised if you only have a 32" chest.

              For suit jackets, I wear a 38. Keep in mind that "38" means different things to different manufacturers. This could be anywhere from 41" to 43". The eHaberdasher jacket I have measured 20.5 across (41" total), and fits quite well - maybe just a touch on the big side.

              In short, adding around +2 to +3" from your measured chest size should work pretty well. At your height and weight, something like a 36 long might be your best bet.



                32" chest has to be off. I'm 5'9" and 145 lbs. and I have a 37" chest (though I usually wear 36R jackets).




                  I'm 5'6", 120 pounds, 32 inch chest, 28 waist, so a 32" chest is possible, but paired with a waist of 30", that's rather uncommon.

                  Also, try Black Lapel for free tape measures. They sent me two for free relatively fast.



                    @Jessy - have you found any button downs that are short enough to wear untucked? I'm a couple inches taller but am having no luck.



                      @Harry : I own a few shirts from Mexx, don't know if you have them in the United States. Not the greatest quality, but at least they're usually short enough.

                      You could always try the kids department from stores where they have bigger sizes (like Old Navy). Watch out for the sleeve length, they are usually really short.

                      Finally, I have some shirts from J.Crew Factory. If you're around 5'8" they might be fine, but they are about two inches too long for me to wear untucked.

                      Hope this help !



                        anyone know a decent new york tailor that would be open to measuring for an indochino suit? i know they say that you can do it yourself but I have to order mine by the 28th (Daily hookup deal) and I am nervous I won't get the tape measure in time, plus I want it done right.