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    I bought a couple of the mossimo polos from last year, and decided to pull the trigger on the new merona ultimate from this season. In my opinion, the mossimo is MUCH better - hope Target brings it back.




      Lol, so true about RL polos and the south. I've done a couple bachelor party weekends in Atlanta/Nashville/Hilton Head recently for soon to be encumbered friends, and we actually have a joke about how we look like we all work at a RL store because everyone has a little polo player logo on their chest (generally I'm the only one that doesn't).



        Will vouch for Kent Wang here; both his polos and his rugbys are awesome + no logo...

        Slim fitting, MOP buttons, collarband to help keep the shape. Will admit that they're on the pricier side of things, but I love mine.

        Watch the sizes, though... they're much tighter than your regular OTR.



          I've thrifted a couple RLP polos and several Brooks Brothers polos. Seem about the same quality.



            Anyone have experience with these J. Crew Factory polos?



              Believe it or not, but the Lands' End tailored polos fit pretty well.



                I really dislike regular polos. Probably because a horizontal striped polo and khaki cargo shorts were the uniform of practically every frat boy-type jackass when I was in high school and undergrad.

                I do like polos that have more detailing, such as the retro-type ones that were popping up towards the end of last summer. Any idea where one could find some inexpensive, trim-fitting polos that are a bit outside the norm? Here are a few that are sorta what I am looking for:


                (cool, but expensive)



                (I would try to avoid looking this douchey, however)

       bih=844&tbm=isch&prmd=imvns&tbnid=2HT5eCzlo82vJM:& imgrefurl= R1T_PiOMSe2gXnsriiDQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=333&vpy=15 8&dur=351&hovh=136&hovw=190&tx=118&ty=57&sig=11537 6950978725614108&page=5&tbnh=136&tbnw=190&ndsp=34& ved=1t:429,r:1,s:120

                contrast plackets, stripes on arms, longer plackets.... those sorts of things



                  Express has contrast plackets, and Target has longer plackets this year. You might not realize this, but you sound like the perfect candidate for Their style would suit you pretty well.



                    I'll take a look! Just requested an invite. Thanks!



                      Oops. Forgot they do that. Here's my link:


                      *I get $10 if you make a purchase.

                      **I made my first purchase today, so some Dappered poster that referred me just got $10! lol



                        It was pdx_nate, I believe:



                          I sized down in an LEC heritage polo and it fits plenty slim (although some might think the sleeves are a bit high and tight). Even in a small, it's long enough to be tucked.



                            JEH -- I just received a couple of the J Crew Factory Slub Jersey Polos that you asked about. I wouldn't say they are slim fit, but they're not boxy either. I think they fit well, particularly in the shoulder (I'm 5'9" 170, went with medium), but they don't hug your midsection too tightly. Thus, not what I'd call slim fit, but a decent shirt for $20 in my opinion (I should say I'm new to putting much thought into this though, so a more experienced opinion might differ).



                              @Big_Scooter - I've seen Penguin polos quite often at Marshall's. I bought a light blue one from there for I think $20. I'm sure it's hit or miss, but if you can find them there it's a good deal.



                                the Jcrew Repp Pique polos come in slim fit, and they are on sale for 20$ and 30$ depending on color and size. I've got a black one and love it. Will probably pick up a chalkboard and navy one soon.