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Am I the only one who hates joggers?

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    People wear already wear sweatpants, track pants, and the like. Joggers are an upgrade.

    They're definitely less formal than regular chinos, which means I don't want to see them at certain places or occasions, if I make the rule, that is.


      I picked up a pair from j crew in wool for $20. Haven't worn them yet, but I can see myself using them to run out to the grocery store or shovel snow. Stuff along those lines.


        I think they're ridiculous, so I don't and won't own any. If I'm leaving to run a quick errand, I still put on real pants. However, they do not cause any anger within me- so I guess I'm a "meh" by default.
        [MENTION=13775]connersw[/MENTION] had the most salient observation thus far, I think- that elastic cuff chinos really aren't all that different from the very very tapered style of chinos that's currently popular. Where he and I may differ is that I think the extreme taper is almost as silly as an elastic cuff ankle. Certainly the more I've worn them, the more I appreciate higher rises and slightly fuller legs.

        And no, I don't mean these:


        I'm here mostly to keep my mouth shut and learn a thing or two.


          Originally posted by Pepetito View Post
          They are awful
          This ^^

          Couldn't have said it better myself.


            Am I the only one who hates joggers?

            I'm in the can't stand them outside the gym camp. I thought they would die out last year but this fall/winter are all over Shibuya & Harajuku. Every time I see them just shake my head & think to myself "couldn't bring yourself to put on pants today huh?"


              OP here,

              Wanted to clarify my feelings a bit in response to the discussion:

              - I don't begrudge people wearing them around the house or to the gym, as they're serving a practical purpose. It's like wearing rubbers over your shoes in the rain; they might look horrible, but they get the job done. For around the house wear, if you're more comfortable in them and no one is going to see you, more power to you. Basically, if you're wearing them like you would other sweats, you're good.

              - My hate for joggers only extends to when wearing them out as a casual pant or dressier. Casual pants are jeans, chinos etc.

              - While I think joggers look dumb in general, it's the people who try to "dress up" joggers that truly make my blood boil. I'm sorry, but if you're wearing a collared shirt and a blazer with glorified sweatpants you will ALWAYS look like a douche. I'm not usually this harsh/outspoken, but it takes everything I have in me not to try to talk sense into strangers I see who wear that style.

              - I think elastic around the ankles generally just looks bad. A pair of tapered pants is fine, as is rolling them (on some), but full-on elastic at the ankles has always just looked... off (to me). While I personally won't wear the style, it doesn't always get to me like the dressy/jogger thing (see above)


                I'm somewhere in the middle on these. I think certain individuals could pull these off but, not everyone.


                  I think they look decent on some people, just not me. I got a pair for lounging around the house, and my lower legs are so small the elastic isn't even snug at my ankles... so yeah, if you have an average waist and really skinny legs they are a no-go in public, even the gym.


                    It seems like there are two different definitions for joggers in this thread.

                    I like slim/tapered sweatpants, and think they're perfect for knock around purposes (chores at the house, quick errands, etc). I bought a pair from Uniqlo over the holidays for $20 and they're better in every way than the baggy sweatpants I previously owned. I think they could pass for casual pants in certain situations, but I'm not going to test that theory anytime soon.

                    However, I'm not a fan of the joggers that try to pass as more than completely casual pants. J Crew had a pair earlier this year made out of wool with sweatpants style elastic at the ankle, which in my opinion, looked ridiculous.
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                      ^ This. There's nothing wrong with joggers if worn the way they should be worn, and that's a substitute for sweatpants/shorts. As long as you aren't wearing them dressed up, I don't see anything wrong with it.


                        I hated jogger when they first started showing up. But really they are just slim cut old school sweatpants: the cinched ankle keeps the fabric from getting in your way when you're active. I kinda look at them now in the same ballpark as a hoodie.. Definitely will drag your outfit into casual territory, but doesn't look bad if that's what you're going for. When you see brands like bonobos trying to pair them with a sportcoat that's when I start to cringe.


                          I don't hate jogger pants but i won't mind wearing them once in a blue moon. I think we can keep them as a last option.


                            I don't own any but I could wear them to the gym.