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What pants to go with this blazer?

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    What pants to go with this blazer? 02

    The situation: Formal charity event(attendees will be in suits/evening wear) and I will be a volunteer, which I feel gives me a bit of leeway.

    If you look close, you can see the blazer has a very faint pinstripe pattern. According to my tailor, I can't wear my BR dark grey cotton pinstripe pants, but of which see has seen together on me. Even though the patterns are very different, see claims you can't mix pinstripes at all, and as early on as I am in my sartorial journey, I'm inclined to agree - at least for now.

    So, what pant would look good here? Should I avoid patterns? Navy wool? much darker grey? I'll be matching the pants up with either AE Weybridge (in chili) or AE SoHo (black).


    blue, darker grey tan, you name it will go! Just make sure your matching textures. Patterns in plaids or subtle stripes will work. I think its ok to wear stripe on stripe as long as scales are different and especially if one is more subtle than the other. I wouldnt wear matching color stripes like chalk on chalk. To keep it simple i suggest just plain dark blue slacks.

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      Do you have a suit? If everyone else is in suits and / or evening wear I'd go for a suit.