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    @Travis WOW! Great find man that's awesome, those are in perfect condition


      Travis: where did you make those finds?


        ^ My local Goodwill. I live in an 'old folks community'. I see some very nice stuff for sale all the time. Lots of cashmere sweaters, and high end designers.


          +1 for Goodwills! I just picked up a pair of Brooks Brothers Hudson pants in British tan (MSRP $89.50 here- for about $4. I thought they might need to be tailored since they were marked as 36/32, but they fit me perfectly. Maybe the previous owner had them cuffed and tailored.


          I was perusing the shoes and saw some Church's shoes (British made). Black bluchers, leather sole, probably stacked heel. I didn't need them but pointed them out to a nice guy standing there with some Eddie Bauer leather mocs and recommended them. He turned out grabbing them and I made a friend.



            Wow, I definitely would have picked up those Church's for myself or someone else on the threads (you'd get a lot more for that in trade/props cred on Styleforum).

            Making friends is overrated, but good for you. Just hope he wasn't a flipper who made a ton of money off your kindness.

            Speaking of kindness, anyone a 46 R and like made in Scotland Brooks Brothers tweeds?


              Haha agreed, Jon. As I have no thrifting success, I miss your and JC's contributions to this thread.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                JC lives exclusively at SF. I try to divide my time.

                Anyone looking for a 40 Short 3-roll-2 gray suit? Vintage Brooks Brothers. Flat-front pants.

                I bought it off ebay thinking it would work, but the pants, which are tagged 34, are in reality a 31-32. If there's interest here, I'll post measurements.


                  Huh, I never thought of eBaying the Church's. Maybe next time...


                    found a vintage pair of shell LWB's

                    not ready for the full unveiling, still waiting for supplies....


                      Ok gents, I just returned from an epic thrifting adventure today. This was the most "expensive" one yet, but the final take was worth it.

                      [Edit: I recently discovered my last thrifting adventure was much more lucrative than I could ever have imagined. Read more at “Steal of the Month” below].

                      Feast upon the fruits of my thrifting:

                      Steal of the Day

                      Aris 113-C valet stand with coin and accessories holder, extendable tie/hangar holders, and pants holder. Made in Italy; retails for $500. Cost to me: $4.94. I have wanted one of these for the longest time, but couldn't bring myself to pay the ludicrous prices to get one. I mean, if I had a workshop, I'd make my own! Mine is missing the back stand and hangar but I'll find a way to craft my own. Original product here:

                      Steal of the Month

                      Last time I picked up a 1969 hardback edition of “The Godfather” by Mario Puzo. I was trawling eBay just seeing what it might be worth, and I found that I might have picked up no less than a first edition copy. No ISBN, no other copyright but the 1969 one.

                      Conditoin: No dust jacket, but it’s in great condition. Small loss of color on edges and a small amount of corner bending, but similar books have gone anywhere from $100 to $300. I was floored. A pristine, dustjacketed copy is going for $1650 at Manhattan Rare Books.


                      Yves Saint Laurent navy fine brushed twill suit. Made in France. Fits like a 40L, 34/32 pants – definitely a keeper after tailoring. Condition: Has some gunk on it, but I’m confident that my tailor can get these superficial things out.

                      Kingsridge (which has been around for a while- quarter lined wool (blend?) navy blazer with brass buttons (heavy!) sold through the now defunct Muse’s Clothing Company in Atlanta, Georgia. The brass buttons feature a Latin motto, “Quo Fata Ferunt”, which means “Whither the Fates Carry Us”. The blazer was worth it, if only for the buttons! The blazer needs to be taken in a bit, and the armhole could be raised. Otherwise in pristine condition. Looks just like this one:

                      Historical Tidbit: The George Muse Clothing Company building was a department store (until 1992) at 52 Peachtree Street NE. The building, which was converted to lofts in the mid 1990's, was the site of a Confederate Arsenal during the Civil War. Link:

                      Early Chaps by Ralph Lauren sold through Nordstrom (according to tags) wool pinstripe suit. Has a lower gorge than modern suits and requires hemming to the jacket and pants, but it’s the right size otherwise and has a nice shape.

                      Unbranded brown leather belt with bronze/gold roller buckle. It’s full grain probably, maybe bridle leather. My cost: $3.50. Supple leather and fits perfectly. I love that it’s already developed a nice patina! Looks exactly like the Filson 1" belt down to stud placement (

                      Long Sleeve Button Down Shirts

                      Best Deal

                      T.M. Lewin Jermyn Street Two-Fold Cotton Lewin 100 Slim Fit point collar light blue micro gingham shirt. In 16.5 x 34.5. Fits like a comfortable 15.5 x 33. Take in the sides a little and I’m in business.

                      Land's End trim fit blue oxford collar button down (OCBD) 14.5 by 32. Good stuff. Now I know I'm a small. Feels like true oxford cloth in a rich blue color. Made in Hong Kong.

                      Land's End trim fit blue oxford collar button down (OCBD) 15.5 by 32. Regular “business shirt blue” cotton made in Costa Rica.

                      J. Crew micro blue gingham slim fit point collar shirt in medium. I saw MEDIUM and a sewn J.Crew logo in the inside collar and automatically placed it in my cart. Ok, so this is where it gets embarrassing. I didn’t bother trying it on until I got home. When I slipped it on, I thought, “Wow, this fits like an extra small,” since the shirt sleeves could barely accommodate my arms. Now, I’m not a hulking giant, but I felt like Bruce Banner’s alter-ego when I slipped this shirt on. I though, “Well, it fits, so let’s try buttoning it up.” That’s when I noticed that the buttons were on the left placket. Yeah, this is a woman’s shirt. Really high-cut arm holes and more room under and in front of the arm to accommodate … well, you know the rest.

                      Chaps red gingham button down collar long sleeve shirt in medium. Blue chambray interior contrast collar, fits well. Only needs sides taken in for a tailored fit. My new “working” gingham shirt.

                      Nordstrom SMARTCare Non-wrinkle 100% Cotton blue and white micro check shirt. My first Nordstrom shirt ever, and I got it for a song. Need to take in sides slightly, but otherwise amazing. This thing was clearly dry cleaned since the collar is very starched (but in a nice way) and it’s very smooth. I personally prefer the natural feel of non-non-wrinkle (uh, oxford cloth) cotton, but the texture of this shirt is not unpleasant.

                      Brooks Brothers OCBD. 15.5 x 34, so I need to hem the sleeves about an inch, take in the sleeves, and take in the sides.

                      Casual Shirts

                      I’ve been looking for a nice red buffalo check shirt for the fall and got lucky with not 1, but 2 shirts.

                      Windridge camp shirt with buttoned chest patch pockets. Made in South Korea. Small. Fits like a trim fit medium.

                      Briggs Sierra Made shirt Made in South Korea. Says XL but fits like a L. Intersting soft nylon interior collar and sleeve cuff interiors. 85% Wool 15% Nylon.

                      Banana Republic V-Neck Soft Wash Tee. My new “sleepwear” shirt. So soft.

                      Shorts and Pants

                      Ralph Lauren Prospect Shorts in navy. Approximate model here for $69.50; cost to me: $2.92. (

                      Izod surplus cotton chinos with reinforced crotch . Great sail-cloth look contrast stitching. Condition: Has a red spot (likely paint) near side seam on right leg, but a little bleach should work. If not, I’m not bothered by it. I can always make shorts out of them if need be.

                      Carhartt duck cotton canvas carpenter jeans - W31/L32. Really nice feel to it, in pristine condition. To the ‘Bay!

                      To the 'Bay

                      Eddie Bauer linen shirt- Medium but fits like a L. Nice material, but too billowy for me.

                      Non-Clothing Items

                      Hogan's Alley for NES- because I could. Ah memories...

                      Picked up a few DVD’s and books (as usual).

                      You’ll note that it seems like I need a lot of tailoring done, but I love my tailor. She charges me next to nothing for quality work. I’m tellin’ ya, the best thing I’ve found in Atlanta wasn’t a clothing item- it’s the relationship with my tailor. Love they tailor. It’s so empowering to be able to pick up something on the cheap and know that the money you’re saving won’t be outspent by the amount you spend to tailor something.

                      Thrifting: For those who want to pay bottom dollar for top deals!


                        Silly me. I forgot to upload a picture of the haul.

                        The suits are in another picture but it's hard to make them out.


                          Since this thread is no longer dead, and I'm putting off doing work, I'll contribute.

                          But first ... guiltybystander:

                          Nice pickup on the valet and possibly the book (though I would make sure that it actually says first edition because it will if it is one). If you like the other stuff, wear it, but I wouldn't go too crazy tailoring the stuff that doesn't fit.

                          Here are some recent things:

                          Green windowpane Brooks Brothers SC, 38 R, 15 percent cashmere. Recent. Made in Israel.

                          Two pairs of Florsheim shells. Both 9.5 D. Terrible car cell phone pic shows one of each shoe.

                          PRL made in USA DB sportcoat, 40 S. This is a bit roomy on me, so off it goes.

                          <imgs src="">

                          NWT RL Black label tie from Marshalls


                            @Jon - Is that BB SC for sale? Also, I'm pretty active on SF, what's JC's handle there, and yours? I always wonder if I'm talking to someone that I already know.

                            @Guilty - Don't feel bad about buying the women's shirt, I've had that happen to me no less than five times. I see a brand like Zegna and feel the material, check the size, and toss it in only to find out..


                              It was pretty easy to spot Grendel as JC when he was still posting here. I'm pretty sure my username is the same over there. Are you GHo?


                                @jon, nice goods as usual man.

                                Guilty that is also one solid haul. I love my city but seeing thrift hauls like that makes me wish I lived somewhere with more fruitful thrifting.

                                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano