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    It had a pretty conventional buckle, with the leather folded over and sewn back onto itself. I don't really want to attempt sewing through leather myself.


      Found a pair of McAllisters for $10, I said "gooby please" and haggled them down to $2.


        edit - nevermind, I'm blind.


          Well done! I way overpaid for my two pairs of McAllisters at $30 a pop!


            @nicholas they've been resoled by someone else hence the lower value IMO. if they were resoled by AE, I would've paid up to $4


              So I am about to head off to college, and having gone to private school that required a uniform my entire life, I never really did get to have an extensive wardrobe. Not having oodles of money, I decided to look at my thrift store for clothes that fit me. I ended up buying a ton of nice clothes my first time, and I began to sell on eBay the nice clothes that I picked up that were not my size. I've made a pretty sizable income from selling on eBay this summer which I'm saving up for college, but I've also expanded my wardrobe quite a bit. I also began to buy more clothes on eBay, mainly in lots, and sell the clothes I didn't want that were in the lot. I also worked on one section of my wardrobe at a time (first dress shirts, then ties, etc.) The following list contains all of the items that I've thrifted (both on eBay and from the thrift store) for my own collection, and all the prices are with tax and shipping included.

              1-2. 2 basically brand new Brooks Brothers Ties/$3 each (eBay) $6

              3-4. 2 Ralph Lauren T Shirts/11.25 each (eBay) $22.50

              5. J Crew Broken in Pants (eBay) $6.15

              6. Brooks Brothers Hudson Pants (eBay) $21

              7. J Crew Cords (eBay) $10

              8. J Crew Khaki Shorts W33 (eBay) $13

              9. J Crew Pinstripe Red Shorts (eBay) $13

              10. J Crew Jaspe V Neck T Shirt M (eBay) $2.50

              11. J Crew Broken In T Shirt Gray M (eBay) $5.00

              12. Brooks Brothers 15.5 32 33 Orange White Striped Slim Fit Shirt (Thrift Store) $4

              13. Brooks Brothers 15.5 32 Non Iron Stretch Light Purple Striped Shirt $15

              14. Brooks Brothers 15.5 32 Supima Cotton Blue/White Striped Shirt (Thrift Store) $4

              15. Ralph Lauren Yellow Yarmouth 15 32/33 (Thrift Store) $3

              16. Ralph Lauren White Yarmouth 15.5 32 (eBay) $10

              17-18. 2 J Crew Factory Casual Button Down Shirts/6.50 each (eBay) $13

              19-21. 3 Polo Shirts (1 Brooks Brothers 346, 1 Regular Brooks Brothers, 1 Ralph Lauren Polo Made in Peru of Pima Cotton)/$11.33

              each (eBay) $34

              22. Brooks Brothers Pink Blue and Navy Striped Polo Shirt (eBay) Free (Money refunded due to grease stain, but it’s hard to notice)

              23. NWT J Crew Lambswool Sweater Medium (eBay) $9.00

              24.Brooks Brothers Vintage Faded Pink and Navy Striped (eBay, it’s pretty vintage, but it looks really cool; one of my first purchases

              so it was kind of expensive) $15

              25. Barbour Cream w/Red, Yellow and Green Check Flannel (eBay) $3

              26. NWOT Patagonia Slingshot Goosedown Vest (eBay) $55

              27. Vineyard Vines Seersucker Shorts 32 (eBay) $27

              28. NWT J Crew Sunfaded Flannel (Direct from J Crew) $15

              29. Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket (eBay) $55

              30. J Crew Plaid Red & Black L/S Casual Shirt (eBay) $5

              31. J Crew Light Green and Baby Blue Checked L/S Shirt (eBay) $13 (also one of my first purchases; paid a little too much)

              32-33. 2 Ralph Lauren Short Sleeve Light Weight Checked Shirts/$8.75 each (eBay) $17.50

              34. J Crew Blue Vintage Oxford Shirt (eBay) $2.50

              35. Banana Republic Chino Shorts 32 (Thrift Store) $2.50

              Grand Total: Just over $400

              I'm pretty happy, but I do need to one day find a pair of AE shoes in my size in the thrift store. If you ever want to see some of my items on eBay, I update my page regularly (I won't during the school year though):



                Wow! Very nice work!


                  Found a pair of Mezlan's today that fit pretty decently and in great shape (heel had a 1% wear at the most). Welt construction, full grain leather calf made in spain for 10 bucks? I'll give it a go.


                    Wonderful day thrifting. Picked up these beauties in PERFECT condition for $10! Hiding on the bottom shoe shelve! Allen Edmon Park Avenues! In my size! Retail for $335!

                    Uploaded with

                    Also grabbed these for $2 per tie. Left to Right >>>> Christian Dior, Christian Dior, Brooks Brothers, Lands End, Lands End.

                    Uploaded with


                      holy hell.... those PA's look like someone tried them on and thats it. $10... I am jelly.


                        @Travis....What...the...hell..those park avenues barely even have creases...


                          ^ I was absolutely shocked when I picked them up! I looked them over, looked at the price tag several times and I could not determine if it was $70 or $10, until I saw the second sticker at the bottom >$10.00<!!! Literally I should've worn them out the store. I've seen a lot of great thrift deals in my day but this one is takes it hands down. They were literally at the bottom of a giant shoe rack tucked into the back. Very glad I took 10 seconds to bend down and pull them out. Goes to show, digging makes it all worth it for something like these!


                            <<bows down>>


                              @fifteenpointfive32 what's the cheapest way to ship clothes? I shipped 5 shirts from MA to CA for $12 via USPS and thought I overpaid.

                              5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist


                                @Redford I'm just guessing that you shipped priority, which means that 12 is probably around what I would pay. I typically can send out shirts for 5.15 in a flat rate envelope. It's probably the cheapest way to ship out a single shirt (or sometimes 2) priority. You probably could have used a medium flat rate box, which may have been a dollar cheaper, but I still think 12 is alright.